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Taken, Captivity,Escape The Lady Spintrus Story

Hope when darkness and despair loom large

Thalia Spintrus_001Many times we at GNW bring you reports after traveling to many different locations to find great sources of News for our viewers. Today we bring you a report right from our home on Yavin IV. Some months ago we at GNW had the opportunity to speak with padawan Thalia, now Jedi knight Thalia, and lots of things have happened since we last interviewed her.

GNW noticed a lot of changes to Thalia’s appearance since our viewers last saw her, so we asked her to tell us what happened.

Thalia Spintrus said, “Obviously the skin is the most striking feature to change..That is the result of a Sith curse or alteration performed by a Dread Master of Malrev as punishment for daring to investigate the murder of a fellow Jedi on that world. The other more temporary changes I had during the times you ask about are more classified and I will not be at liberty to divulge at this time. That brings me to the arm.. It was forcibly removed on Caamor.”

GNW asked Lady Spintrus to tell us about her time of being a prisoner on Caamor

Thalia Spintrus said with a frown, ” It all started when I was captured by a then unaffiliated rogue YSF soldier.. he took me to Caamor to turn me in to the Sith under the command of Lord Zerafon.. thinking it would ingratiate him with the Sith there.. I was disarmed and held captive..” She looked down.. “During that time.. I was forced to fight Sith without any weapons.. and was beaten each time… one after the other.. with varying degrees of pain and suffering.. all for the amusement of the Sith Darth and Lords.. ” Then she went silent for a moment.

Since Lady Sprintus declined to name the YSF Officer GNW at this time did not press the question but we will investigate deeper into the antagonists behind the incident

GNW then asked Lady Sprintus if she was questioned by her Sith Captors.

Thalia Spintrus said, “then the next day.. they did start questioning me.. when I did not answer to their satisfaction.. they removed three fingernails of my left hand.. then.. they removed my left hand as a message to send to Grand Master Iria..they did nothing to bandage my wounds.. I had to use a piece of my own clothing to stop the bleeding.. after a few hours slowly bleeding to death.. they finally treated the wound but only to stop me from dying.”

The thought of going through something like that would be overwhelming for anyone so, we asked if was she angry with her captors.

Thalia Spintrus said, ” Actually I forgave them.” She admitted to GNW that the longer she stayed there.. the less she wished she had forgiven them. She said, ” There were nights I would look up into the cold sky of that world and feel the presence of darkness just waiting to feast on the light if I gave in.”

GNW listened more as she talked about her imprisonment.

She said, “I was their guest five days, before Master Tanira led a team to rescue me. All of whom fought bravely, and were outnumbered. We were eventually routed and forced to flee, but not before Tanira and I were gravely wounded..” She paused. “As for what they asked me.. I am not completely at liberty to divulge that.. but I will say one thing.. the Sith on Caamor and from what I can only Guess Byss itself are in no way assisting the Sith currently occupying Nar Shadaa.. I may be wrong on that.. but it is the impression I got.”

GNW thanked Lady Spintrus for taking the time to speak with GNW and we asked if she had any final words for our viewers.

She said, “Only that in times where treachery is all around.. there is honor as well.. and sometimes that honor is in the darkest and most unlikely places.. Those of whom I speak of know who they are so I will not name them.”

We were inspired and honored by our interaction with Lady Sprintus and indeed Hope can emerge even when darkness and despair looms large. GNW will bring you the Caamor side of the story as well, so stay tuned.

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