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The coflict between The nightsister clan on Tython and KOJ

GNW head to Tython to speak with then Nightsister. There we met lady Asha got her view on what happen with  the relationship between the nighsisers on Tython and KOJ.

GNW”  what happen on yavin that got your clan deported?

Lady Asha:  it is  because master Dro and master Zen are in love with mandos, ….. the little sister tahiri was not brought over to the nightsisters…she willing came to us, because her master was weak….the jedi just wanted us off becasue the mandos feared us

GNW:  Are you leading the  nightsister clan  on Tython?

Lady Asha: I am not leading them no, i am jsut a sister lookign to stand up for our rights, much liek you sister. our plans are peace…we will be peaceful till there is no other option…we started this in peace, they ended it in bloodshed…… that day we set fire to the archive, i started that day in peace with a master cre, a jedi named presz and a officer of the ysf letting blood in trust….we were peacful …then dro comes alogn with his mandos, an they start insulting us…an threating us… an then dro directly states that we should leave, as he plays on tybers weakness….he tells him that it would be bad if his sister was beaten up an skinned alive,, seeing her in a bacta tank….that man is almsot as sith as i am…

GNW:  There  is  rummor that  there will be a war between the nightsister here on Tython and KOJ.  Is this true?

Lady Asha:  if there is a war it is because the jedi do not wish peace.  we are still not allowed on the planet…. we are still being treated like we are rodents by the koj…so yes things are still as they were…”

GNW:  Is it your clan’s goal to get back on Yavin IV?

Lady Asha:  it is not about being on yavin, it is the principle of rudely and disrespectful being kicked off a planet, it is about showing those two corrupt jedi masters for who they are, a bunch of mando loving, darksiders… thinka bout it…mandos kill jedi..its a sprot…they love sith becasue they do the same… if master dro and master zen protects the mandos… that means that they are equal to sith…math does not lie.

GNW:  GNW doesn’t pick side. That is up to our viewers. Is there any last words you would like our readers to know?

Lady Asha:  we are not as weak as many wish to believe……


GNW leaves Tython and head to  yavin where we meet  Senator Aiden to get his point of view on what went down.

GNW:  Why were the Nightsister here deported off of Yavin IV?

Senator Aiden: The two incidents that I’m aware of are the burning of the archives building, its upper floor. Then one from that clan later came with a ship full of beheaded bodies and promised that similar would happen to the Kalway Order.”

GNW:  What do you have to say about  nightsister’s comment of how two  KOJ council members wasn’t acting jedi like?

Senator Aiden: I’d say that doesn’t sound at all like the Master Dro Plund I have come to know. Sounds very out of character, causing me to be skeptical as to the accuracy of those words.

GNW: Will the nightsister be allowed to come back to yavin IV or is it just this particular clan that is not allow to step foot on yavin?

Senator Aiden: To my knowledge, it’s this particular clan that is not allowed back, but I may be mistaken. This, of course, is Jedi business and I’m the Senator of all of Yavin IV, not just the Jedis’ grounds on this moon. The Kalway Order has allowed me to have an office here and enjoy their protection, but this thing with the nightsisters is a matter of the Kalway Order. Had the nighsister clan done those atrocities elsewhere on Yavin IV, instead of on Jedi lands, I’d have warrants out for their arrests. As it is, I’m letting the Jedi handle it their way.

GNW:  The Nightsister clan on Tython say that they were disrespect by KOJ. I am told that the fire and the dead body on ship came after they were told to leave. This issue they say started over what happen with one of KOJ padawan leaving to join with the nightssister. ” Your comment on this?

Senator Aiden : I don’t know what led to the actions of the nightsisters, but Jedi weren’t killing their people or vandalizing their places. Words are words. If they feel that words are justification for performing the atrocities they did, then I’m in full support of the Jedi in deporting them. I’ve only heard vaguely of the padawan leaving to join them. So, I cannot comment on that

GWN:  Will this conflict end in war?

Senator Aiden: It sounded like it might, but I supposed that depends on the nightsisters and if they do any further actions against the Kalway Order.

GWN:  Is their any last words you would like to say to our viewers before we go?”

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