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The Droid Revolution : Still alive and kicking

zaku f_001Some time ago GNW brought you a story on the Droid Revolution. Its has been a while since we have heard anything from the Droid freedom fighters. GNW had the opportunity to speak with the leader of the Droid revolution at the black hole casnio on Nar Shadda.” We learned from Zaku that Droid still want to be made free and have rights like all organics. We also learn that the Droid Freedom fighters want freedom for organic slaves as well. zaku the buster bot said, ” I want to stop the hutts and get rid of slavery in a hole.”

There were talks of plans on how they could help droid gain their freedom. Emelia: “hmm best plan would be making an program what would give them free will, and upload into the refreshing processors, so then they would get the normal maintenance check then boom. Free will”

Mad Reaver plans to free the droids on Dantooine. “We plan on liberating the droids on Dantooine next. The DJE consider themselves so high and mighty but still feel droids are beneath them. That you can print.. tell the DJE we will be seeing them real soon”

It looks like the peaceful moment is no longer taken on a role of peace.  Mad Reaver Hax: “Our liberation starts there”   How things end up only time will tell but GNW will be there to keep you informed.

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