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The Nightsisters found balance easier on Yavin IV an interview with the Nightsister Elder Aria currently on Tython

In our interview with the Nightsisters it has been revealed that they best found their balance on Yavin IV while being on pilgrimage away from their home of Dathomir which has been closed to any visitors.
The Nightsister Elder Aria was gracious enough to speak to the Galactic News Watch Team and was interested in her fairly balanced views on the worlds visited during her pilgrimage.

To our surprise when asked if the Nightsisters feel at home on Tython she replied “..the planet is ripe with the spirits power, both light and dark. Balance has to be maintained, so i would not say entirely comfortable.”

When asked if they were able to maintain balance on Yavin IV, the answer was surprising to say the least, ” ..easier than here . Tython is temperamental”


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