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The Ramikad Declaration

mandalore statue_001GNW has learned that Buurenaar Tome of the combined Mandalorian clan has declared Bespin Mandalorian Territory. This follows the announcement that Tychus has assumed the title of Mand’alor.

Buurenaar Tome assured Baron Rhialto of Bespin that this is not an invasion but an offer of protection and that the Mandalorians consider Bespin their home. Bespin authorities have confirmed the assertion that the declaration of the Ramikad is in no way hostile. “..In essence, nothing has changed for all practical purposes. The Ramikad Aliit has simply formally declared their stance…” Baron Rhialto of Bespin informed GNW.

The declaration was followed by a shiny new statue on the promenade level of the city asserting the presence of the Ramikad in Bespin.

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