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The Sapphire Cosmos Hotel

GNW Travel Kuat. Where we spoke to a owner of a Hotel called The Sapphire Cosmos Hotel.
lady at the desk_001Arali’Cinn would smile and give a slight bow of her head in greeting “Welcome Miss to the Sapphire Cosmos Hotel.”

Arali’Cinn would walk around the counter and leads the way into the lounge and then smiles to the other twilek in the room. “Here she is. If i may present Asta’Roche. Owner of this here fine establishment.”

owner_001Asta’roche (astarroche) nods and smiles leaning up in the chair “Ah pleasure to meet you Kinsa. As Arali’Cinn says I am Asta’Roche. I am glad you have come. I do hope after we talk some you might enjoy the hotel a bit?” she gestures to the bar. “Can we get you anything?

KinsaShala said, “Thank you but I am find. So tell me about the Sapphire Cosmos Hotel?”

Asta’roche (astarroche) would gesture to the chair across from herself “Please at least make yourself comfortable.” she then hums in thought for a moment. “Well lets see what to say about my hotel. The Sapphire Cosmos literally fell into my lap you could say. One day there I am dancing at a Huttler party for Gor’gon the hutt. Next day I am the owner of a plot of land on Kuat and told to build a hotel for this little resort of encampment.”

KinsaShala takes a seat said said, “thank you. ” then continues to say, ” Is This place just a hotel or is it much more? In other words what do you have to offer your customers?”

Asta’roche (astarroche) would nod her head “Oh yes you could say it offers -many- things to its patrons.” smiling very slyly. “Well as you can see we sit now in the lounge which offers comfort, drinks, dancings, music, and even a smoking lamp. So aside from the very luxurious rooms. We offer many comforts to help entertain and help our patrons to enjoy their time. As for anything else.” she giggles. “Well they can always make a request and we can try to fulfill it for them. We aim to please here at the Sapphire Cosmos.”owner and the desk lady_001

KinsaShala said, ” as enter the place seen a lot of images of dancers and see the dance poles as well so are you looking to hired any dancers or is your staff already full? She turns and looks at the hutt and gives him bow of her head and said, “Greetings.”

Asta’roche (astarroche) chuckles “That Gor’gon is pretty fast for a hutt.” she turns her head back to Kinsa. “Oh yes we can always use more staff. We are looking for bartenders, dancers, entertainers, even security.” she shrugs her shoulders “We have been doing alright so far given the attention we have been getting quite a few rooms have been booked and we’ve had a nice flow of traffic. Still can’t ever hurt to have more people ready to handle patrons. I am hoping we get very busy soon. Thanks to the Desijilic Majordomo here Arali’Cinn. I was able to get a audience at Hutt Night and invite them all to the hotel for a week of VIP treatment.”

KinsaShala said, ” How much credit does a night or more cost here at the Sapphire Cosmos Hotel?”
Asta’roche (astarroche) would shift rubbing a hand over her forearm “Hmm well around 200 credits a night. It can be seen a little expensive but it is well worth it I assure you.”

KinsaShala nods. Then said, ” I am sure it is. before I go is their any last word you would like to tell GNW viewers?”

Asta’roche (astarroche) would purse her lips thinking “Hmm well hows this. If anyone that comes to the hotel and mentions they heard about us on GNW they can get a nights stay free? We would be glad to host anyone and make sure we cater to their every desire.” once again giving a sly smile at that remark. “Of course. I do plan to throw a grand opening party sometime. Perhaps you can attend?” she then gestures around the lounge “Well while you are here sure there nothing we can do for you? I admit you are lovely and we would be happy to entertain you.” she gives a grin. “Always looking for lovely ladies for the hotel as well.”
KinsaShala said, ” maybe next time when I am here. Though watching the dancing girls is tempting but I have another story I need to run to. Thanks for your time.”