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The Sundering Effect

master jedi_001The Sundering Effect is a big deal in the case of most force user and possibly some non-force users. It is not known yet how the diversion of the flow of the force could have repercussion that extends to others beside force users we have been told. GNW travel to Yavin IV to get a heads up on the Sundering Effect. GNW had the pleasure to interview Master Spintrus who explained to us all we need to know about this terror that is plaguing the Galactic Community.

We learned from Master Spintrus that the Sundering Effect is not a virus but a device created by a rogue group of darksiders calling themselves the Assembly. The Assembly are radicals who feel that the galaxy is better off with out force users and are willing to give up the force as long as the playing field is leveled.  A view we know that Darth Traya had so long ago. This group is led by at least three. Two are known as Darth Nox and Raptrous and the third has not been verified.

It was learned that the devices left on worlds that act as a syphon for the force by drawing the force to it and redirecting it. This was learned by the Jedi on Yavin IV when they found such a device on the moon. We were told that Yavin IV is analyzing the remains of it in hopes of determining the origin and gaining a clue as to where they should focus. We were told that there were reports of the Assembly attacking Bespin, Tattoine, Tyton and Talus. KOJ believes that this has been well planned out and that they implore all members of the Galactic community to search for these devices on their home worlds and use extreme care in handling them. Master Thalia went on to say. ” We need to unite to face this threat and bring the Assembly to justice.”

We learned that the only thing that can bring some protection for force users from the Sundering Effect is a rare animal that is fear by most force users and was almost hunted to extinction and that is the Ysalamir. A solution that would be the same as being expose by the Sundering Effect. A solution that r and n_001Master Spintrus said, ” I did not say it was perfect, but I can say what worked on Yavin was working together with non force users.”

Not only do we have to worry about the Sundering Effect but a creature that is similar to the rakghoul plague. These beast were created by Darth Nox. and are control by him. We are told the beast have very little free will aside from primal needs. There had been reports of those being atmaster jedi 2_001tack slowly becoming like these beasts but those who are bitten or scratched are not control by Darth Nox. Master Spintrus said, ” That there may be a possibility that the same vaccine used for the rakghoul with some modification could help slow or hinder the infection.”

Master Spintrus ended our interview with this message she wanted the viewers to know. “Only that by cooperation can we survive this. The doors of Yavin stand open, and we are ready to assist.”

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