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Throbon the Hutt is offering The New Republic a one time offer to a peace summit at a location of his choosing

Ryssa'akysa With tension raising between Prilla Bareesh and the New Republic, GNW spoke with a twi’lek by the name of Ryssa’akysa who works for Throbon Hutt. Ryss’akysa told GNW that The great Throbon the Hutt wishes the galaxy and leaders of the New Republic, Galactic Empire, and RSO to know that after last night’s Hutt Night he is offering them a one time offer to a peace summit at a location of his choosing. Last night the Inijic and Bareesh forces showed the New Republic their might and mercy.
The might and mercy that the Inijic and Bareesh forces showed was a beat down of a Mandalorian name Soron Skirata after he try to escape the rancor pit when Throbon the Hutt learned Soron Skirata who was suppose to be working security for him had turned coward and sided with the New Republic as soon as things got too hot.

Ryssa’akysa told GNW that His Mightiness Throbon wishes to offer Ilum as the location of the peace summit. He feels they may be more agreeable of the location is neutral to all parties. All bounties on them will be given pause for the time of the meeting. If terms are agreeable to all, he will cancel all bounties that have been issued by the Hutt Council, not just the ones on the leaders. If the summit is not agreed upon, I guess we’ll get a stockpile of GAR Clones and bucket-heads to feed the rancors for a good war.

She ended our interview by saying. “If there is to be a fight, we hope they bring a good one. We have a whole stockpile of armaments, a fleet of ships and vehicles going to waste and we’re eager to put them to use. This is twice those people have started a war. We won’t back down or surrender. Each day the Mighty Hutts gain in power and influence and when this is over they’ll reward those who stand with them to end this war as quickly as possible so they can Soron Skiratapunish only those who are responsible for the wars.”

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