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Trouble on All on Sides

With their home world, The forest of Endor being taken over by ISM, we find GARE on New Alderaan.  There GNW was able to speak with Arbitras Rexsus II  who had this to say……805ae8_1c0cd84c404e454c90b70333c0d9251c.jpg_srz_p_675_354_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz
” Ah yes it has been long since GNW has spoken to us or even any news cast” his soft canine glowing orange eyes set on her a bit caught of guard she found him”Quite a bit, GRAE has been dealing with changes and a few difficulties”

Then it was asked by GNW what difficulties and changes that GRAE are going Through and Arbitras Rexsus II  stated……

“The Shadow Sith Clan had been a threat for some time , another was that ISM is now camped on my home planet causing some pollution there” he grits his teeth slightly baring fangs from his human features  then continued calming and breathing slowly “Its a safe hazard to do some visits there often risky at times when I do,My people can no longer go back till ISM make their leave off the moon or I bring allies to escort them off “he grumbled “But in a light note we will hope to find more suitable home,  haven, here on New Alderaan. Happily my members are in the midst with peace treaties to have us work here and live among them,We’ll also patrol the surface while be based Orbiting the moon.  Seeing that ISM have made a lot of problems stationed  on  of my home planet Endor ,I as its slightly  former Monarch will be protected at times because of my Knowledge ” he grunts ” Sadly I’ve had to resort taking a life time of our precious goods and artifacts  supply and store them here among other areas ” He grins”good thing my faction made peace with allies here”

It  was asked if they had plans to deal with ISM and The Shadow Sith Clan?   He had this to say…..

“We will try to call upon Allies and friends to side us on escorting them off Endor ” he sighed “But  all of my goods from there shall be contained in safe environments.  As for The Shadow Sith Clan, in time one of my trusted colleague, will be making a attempt to arrest them or remove them, but this will depend on their next action”

It  was asked if  ISM and The Shadow Sith Clan was working together?  Arbitras Rexsus II  had this to say……

“I don’t, but its a theory and though doubtful among a few of my own members”

Arbitras Rexsus II  end are interview with this statement…..

“It is not  the two Sith organizations will meet soon but not any time now or so ” he frowns then nods “GRAE will be retrying to get re-acquainted with The federation and soon try to expand out more”

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