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Two side of the same Coin

Darth Shadowsoul_001We all know that there is always two sides of every story and GNW brought you one side of the story from Lady Thalia’s view. Post that story, GNW contacted a member of Triumvirate group on Caamor who were involve in the capture and torture of lady Thalia to get their narration of the events. GNW met Darth Shadowsoul in cantina at Mos Espa on Tatooine.

Darth Shadowsoul start off by saying, “Well the story on Thalia really does need both sides to be brought to the light. She has caused us a few problems in the past and it is best the rest know.”

When asked what problems he told GNW that since her initial capture in the Undercity of Byss by one of the ISN Admirals, the one recently rescued by the Triumvirate. Our temple on Caamor was visited by both jedi and sith hoping to rescue her. Members of Malrev accompanied jedi to rescue her as well as cause a small disturbance that required her to be fought off.

GNW wanted to know was that the only problems that Lady Thalia cause for them go out of their way to capture her and torture her. We were told That any and all jedi found on byss are either killed or captured. Why she was transported to Caamor though He tells us he is unsure. “He said, ” As for her torture, It was because of the others coming to the planet for her, but more specifically the sith that seemed interested in her. A bit odd that sith would want to free a jedi instead of come torture or beat her up themselves. I suspect that she has ties to the sith on Malrev. I am the one that removed her finger nails and then her hand for Grand Master Iria. The nails were to find out the names of the sith but she decided to keep her mouth shut and resist giving the names of her enemy. As for her hand, That was a present for the Grandmaster along with a message for all jedi to turn away from the jedi ways and join us or be slaughtered for causing more damage to the galaxy. ”
This interested GNW so we wanted to know more about Malrev being involve in the rescue. We wanted to know that did they find anything else on Malrev and what lead him to believe that she had ties with them.

Darth Shadowsoul said, ” I’m afraid not. Because she was resistant to giving me information on Malrev. I went there myself and spoke with the Dark Lady there. Even ran into the two Malrev members that had come to the temple. One denied even being there while the other was scolded for going there helping the jedi. As for her ties, as i stated before jedi were seen with this sith member and he even stated he was sith. Either way though, the sith of Malrev are at least friendly towards us and we should not have any problems with them in the future.”

GNW wanted to know was security tighten after Lady Thalia’s rescues and did her escape make Triumvirate look bad and were they planning to recapture her. Shadowsoul shook his head and told us that they were not planning on recapturing her anytime soon. He said, “As for security we have increased it to the point anyone coming to Caamor is noted and stopped. As for her escape. We chose to let her go because something far better came up. Master Tanira fought and lost to her old apprentice Camaxtili. Since he is my apprentice I felt that it woudl be a good chance to see how far from the jedi way he has come. Since some jedi ran into the storm we left both Tanira’s body and Thalia’s body in the snow. ”

Darth Shadowsoul ended our interview with these words. ” I want the rest of the galaxy to know that the Triumvirate is making itself known. We have already walked all over Bespin, Korriban, and Kesh. We are working on subjugating a few sith orders as we obtain more strength. Anyone wishing to join us contact me otherwise they can kneel before us and become willing subjects to our order. This goes for both Jedi and Sith groups alike. “

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