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Tython: The rebirth of the old jedi temple

The Jedi Temple, also known as the Jedi Athe_jedi_temple_of_tython_by_cptndunsel-d5qtwv2cademy, was the headquarters of the Jedi Order after the Galactic Republic’s defeat in the Great Galactic War, thus replacing its counterpart, the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, as the heart of the Order. The new Temple was constructed on the legendary Deep Core World of Tython, the planet on which thtython jedi temple_001e Jedi Order was founded thousands of years ago. Now some years later after her destruction Tython has created replica of the iconic Temple. GNW had the pleasure of exploring the inside of the temple. As we took a look, we were reminded of the ancient pictures we had seen of the temple in the archives.

We Spoke with Grandmaster Mistwalker who said, “Yes we have been busy for some time, restoring the temple using the original stone from the old Tython temples. We thought it was only right we pay tribute to the original Jed’aii Order.”tython jedi temple 3_001

We were told that the original design of the old temple was uncovered by Tython’s archivist. We explored all the rooms with some rooms kept as was the old temple was and other rooms build from the records of the old jedi order. There are other rooms still being worked on but over all its was great sight to see. GNW will keep you updated on future events on Tython.tython jedi temple 1_001

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