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Urn of the Unknown Master

Dantooine, where DJE Jedi Master Golds’Hark during one of her meditations had a vision that the Sacred Urn of the Unknown Master would soon once more come under siege. The Urn is a relic dating back many years and clouded by mystery. All that is known for sure is that the Unknown Jedi Master helped shape the Dantooine Jedi Enclave.Urn of the Unknown Master
Through out history Dantooine passed through very difficult periods… invasions, battles, cataclysm.. even being rebuilt from ashes. The teachings and examples of that Master remained, the lessons never forgotten.
After a meeting with the other members of the DJE it was decided to move the Urn of the Unknown Master off Dantooine and too New Holstice, a planet so ripe with the Light Side no Dark Side Force user can set foot there without immediate and permanent mental and physical damage.