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Is the war a big conspiracy ?

-A GNW editorial

The war between the Galactic Federation of Free Republics (GFFR) and Seraphin Empire shows no sign of ending just yet.  Tython is still occupied by the Seraphin forces.  The situation on core and outter rim GFFR worlds is deteriorating with the prices of food and fuel sky rocketing and black market traders profiteering from the situation.

GNW however spoke to civilians around the Galaxy to understand how the war is affecting them.  In particular workers of the Trident Weapons and Ship Factory are extremely upset at the working conditions having had to work over time. “It’s disgraceful, we work more than 15 hours a day and with no overtime or raise in wages!”  a worker told us.


At the same time the war has driven up commodity prices of Phrik and Bronzium, both metals used for making weapons, armor and ship hulls has increased substantially driving up the share prices of the Trident Weapons and Ship Factory by over 10 times.

“It’s just good business” said Shuume Dacaash, Chairman of the Galactic Merchant Bank and CEO of Dacaash Holdings, “We took some risks and invested in loss making mines, turning them around, remember… there are no free lunches”


The Togrutan Workers Union a big source of factory labour threatened to go on strike if working conditions were not improved.  Lunch it seems just got a lot more expensive for everyone.


So GNW asks, is this war just a big conspiracy to make a few people richer?  Stay tuned!

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