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All out war with Inijic & Bareesh Hutts against Supreme Chancellor Valara Kira

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Throbon Inijic Reply:

The emblem of the Inijic Clan appears… A droid’s voice is heard… “The illustrious Throbon would like to caution the citizens of the New Republic that their leadership has ignored all attempts at negotiation and such propaganda attempts will not go unanswered. The travel ban was placed after it became apparent that this Senate has no wish to negotiate in good faith. Do not confuse the facts… We merely are reciprocating the sanctioning of Hutt Space as instituted unfairly by the radical and untempered passions of those in power on Chandrilla… That is all.”
Prilla Bareesh reply:

“I Prilla Bareesh am issuing a bounty on Chancellor Valara Kira of the New Republic for ten million credits. I want her unharmed as she will be held in Hutt court for her crimes. I have warned the chancellor NOT to insult the Bareesh name any further. This insect will be taught a lesson it won’t forget.”

Bounty: Valara Kira (alayni.axelrad)
Price: Ten Million Credits (ILM)
Wanted arrested and unharmed as much as possible

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