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Zankuro Blackadder – Contact

Zankuro Blackadder - Contact

Rules NO Implants NO force NO hidden weapons.

45 minute rp FFC matches. Winner will be determined by wither a private coin flip, or by the fighters before the fight starts.

These rules are too keep the fight fair and fun for all.


I Zankuro will be your host for the evening of ass kicking.

If you would like to partake, I will need a few things.
1) An intro song. Please submit a YouTube link or whatever below we will link in chat as you walk to the arena.

2) An introduction speach. Please fill in the blanks below.

*Example* In the ring sporting the tracksuit, the small girl from the sands of Trandosha with the large temper, the deviously proud Kallllliii Dracooo

3) Name a partner you want to fight or another person who may want to fight and give them this note card to them.
5) send me (Zankuro Blackadder) or Rhialto Tereshcenko your filled out card, and I will be in touch with a match order. If you don’t make the first night. Bespin will hold more

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