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Zarbok Effect Strip Pazaak Tourney !

Bespin swrp Template banner empty (512px 1024px)Zarbok Effect Strip Pazaak Tournament is coming this Easter Sunday, April 21st, 2019 at the Under City Cantina on Bespin. There will be a spectacle of sleaze. The Tournament shall be held @12pm SLT and 3pm SLT (times subject to change)

We will be rolling out spice and pretty much any form of debauchery known to the galaxy shall be there my friends. So bring your credits, and perhaps a good blaster as we find out who are the real panzies, and who are the true sleazes in this galaxy.
Under City Cantina, Tibannopolis City, Bespin [ Rio ] is looking for people to perform IC jobs such as: –

– bartenders
– dancers
– escorts
– masters
– slaves
– musicians
– commentators
– pazaak dealers
– dejarik dealers
– spice dealers / fence
– galactic fighters guild member

If you are interested and able to perform any of the above (or anything else useful), please contact Cantina Manager LUCIAN VANEK , who is RP Manager for this aspect of Bespin.

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