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Sith attack New Alderaan

Battle on NA_001


GNW had a first hand view of the Sith attacking New Alderaan with a daring battle fought atop the Palace roof.

The 2 Sith attackers are confirmed members of the Shadow Clan of the Sith and were identified by a member of GRAE whose station orbits New Alderaan.

One of the Sith was identified to be Darth Necrosis with the second attacker believed to be Darth Toruk, however as he was masked this is not yet confirmed beyond doubt.  The Sith were beaten back with great difficulty and required the presence of Militia Chief Lady Jacinda Taborri for New Alderaan to seal the victory.

GNW does not have confirmation as to why the Sith were on the Palace roof however stay tuned for more updates on this story.

Darth Necrosis – holo picture captured by security droids

General Necro on New Alderaan

Darth Toruk – holo picture courtesy New Alderaan Security





Togrutas protest security checks – complain of discrimination!



The Royal sector on Aldera the capital of New Alderaan saw protests by the local Togruta population outside the Governing Council’s Office in particular venting their anger against discrimination by security forces who are alleged to be stopping and searching all of Togruta descent following the arrest orders issued against the female Togruta suspected of attacking 3 Jedi and raiding a secure cargo hold a few months earlier.

“The security forces treat all Togruta’s as criminals, it’s disgraceful!” said one Togruta gathered outside the building.  “There is no limit to their oppression, movement between the mining station and the surface has become a nightmare with spot checks, sensor sweeps and verification of mining work permits, it’s like we are second class citizens here!”

Although Togruta’s are in a minority in New Alderaan, most ply ships in trade or work in the ore processing centers on nearby moons. Governor Xaraec blamed the excesses of New Alderaan security on the Militia Chief Lady Jacinda citing that he is “…not responsible for the security forces of New Alderaan” even hinting that he was not in favour of the heightened security measures “..All citizens of New Alderaan have the right to move freely in our space within the law and any measures to contravene that right would be illegal”

Though the suspect is a red female Togruta, the protesters maintained that all Togruta’s were being targeted stating that “Anyone who is Togruta is suspected of having some involvement or the other with the criminal”

Lady Jacinda however had this to say “The Government of New Alderaan ensures the safety of all its citizens and this is not about discrimination towards Togrutas, this is about taking down a dangerous wanted criminal.  We have eye witnesses among the Jedi who were attacked and our investigation would be based on such reliable evidence.  If there is any specific problems that our Togruta Citizens are facing I am sure Governor Xaraec will hear them out”

Protesters claim this statement as a momentary victory and a sign that the Government is cautious of angering the community  and expect less confrontations with security forces in future.

Stay tuned as GNW brings you further updates on this breaking story.

A new threat to the Galaxy!!

Wayland was recently attacked by a curious character named Markious, a darksider with no particular affilation to any known group.  The attack seemed to be directed at specific members of the Jedi Order there with a view to control certain female members for breeding purposes. Continue reading

Governor Xaraec returns!

In a manner as strange as his disappearance Governor Xaraec returned to New Alderaan on a transporter ship.  The ships crew returned separately ferrying the damaged ship back to New Alderaan after 2 weeks of being stranded near the Loro Babis system and reported that they had no indication that the Governor had left his ship until he was no where to be found on board. Continue reading