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Government Building Destroyed!

A brutal assault by two members of the Shadow Clan of the Sith at New Alderaan saw the Government Building razed to the ground and completely destroyed.  Queen Rebellia the Chairman of the Galactic Federation of Free Republics was inside the building during the attack in a meeting with a Nightsister.  The attackers were identified as Necrosis and Toruk, notorious for their previous attacks on the Queen and Federation Worlds.

The motivation of the attack is not completely clear with some sources indicating that this might be in retaliation for the capture of Lord Arlen who is a member of the Shadow Clan of the Sith and was identified as the attacker in the failed attempt to kidnap the Queen some time ago.

Other sources say the attack was to send a message to the members of GRAE who assist in providing security to New Alderaan.

Rebuilding is underway and the inauguration of the new Government Administrative Building is expected soon.  GNW is tracking these events closely to bring you all the updates.

Holopicture of the burning Governing Council building moments before it was completely destroyed, courtesy security footage



The Chairman nearly taken hostage

GNW recently learned that the Chairman of the Galactic Federation of Free Republics, and Queen of New Alderaan, Her Royal Highness Rebellia was nearly taken hostage by a member of the Shadow Sith Clan.  Federation Security and other Federation Members identified the Sith attacker as Lord Arlen who is a prominent member of the Shadow Sith Clan.  This attack comes on the back of the recent battle fought between the Shadow Sith Clan and New Alderaan Security right on the Palace rooftop.

The attacker was beaten back ironically not by Federation or New Alderaan forces but by suspected Sith group who was earlier involved in a confrontation with a New Alderaaan Security Trooper.

The motivation for one Sith group to attack another is not clear at this point however experts on the Sith state this is not unusual and is known to happen from time to time.

Queen Rebellia grabbed by Lord Arlen of the Shadow Sith Clan, photograph courtesy security Droids



Mos Espa – a place to watch

Mos Espa_001

Years ago a band of brigands, thieves, and mercenaries, swept across the sandy streets of Mos Espa, overcoming all who stood in their way, flooding the streets with blood. Battles raged, and in the end, the Hutt clan who once protected the city withdrew, causing Mos Espa to fall out of the galaxy’s eye and into a decline. Ravaged by the power vacuum that every local gang tried to fill, the harsh sandstorms that come seasonally, and the encroachment of the Sand People, who had no one to push back their approaches, Mos Espa stands now as a ghost town, desolate, and alone in the desert.

Not all are content to leave this desert jewel to fade into the sands of obscurity however. Rumors of fortunes to be made by bounty hunters and mercenaries, working to either defend the locals or as muscle for the gangs of the area, have spread far enough to catch the ear of a number of organizations, and commerce and crime once again fill the streets.

With the Hutt Council turning their eyes to this once mighty city, and groups like the Bounty Hunter’s Guild bringing their brand of law to town, Mos Espa promises to be the place to watch.

Mystery group of Sith

It is not unusual for Sith to use hidden tactics to strike their enemies. Rumors have led GNW to report on this mystery set of Sith who seem to be using Yavin IV as their training grounds. GNW has gotten the eye witness report from Member of KOJ who had to deal this new group. Continue reading