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New Hope for NEW Tibannopolis, Bespin

KinsaShala said, ” Greetings Master Solo.”

Master Marsh Solo (marsh29.ubble) he would bow in respect then said “Greetings

KinsaShala said, “You wish to speak with GNW? Who is your friend. hi I am Kinsa. GNW Editor and Jedi knight of Kalway.”

Master Marsh Solo (marsh29.ubble) he clears his throat little then start by saying ” yes and my friend here is sentinel knight kali of the bespin order of Jedi. As you probably already guest, I wanted to speak to the GNW about something that is new here on Bespin. Which is the Bespin order of Jedi of which I am the grand master. Continue reading

Explodey Droid at Hutt Night

This is reporter Trisha filling in for Tiona Twine:

A droid exploded at the last Hutt Night.  Attending Jedi received no warning and so their Jedi reflexes were for naught, though they did try  ((*cough* no opening for the Jedi to post *cough*)).   There were no casualties, but some were injured.  It was fortunate that attendance was light both on the part of those seeking audience with the Hutts or just watching the proceedings and the Hutts themselves.

Before the explosion, a Jedi by the name of Master Pearl asked the Hutts, for the proper fee of course, if they could put her in contact with an investigator to help her in her search for the Galactic Federation of Free Republics’ Secretary of Defense, Cyrus Vale.


In previous Hutt Nights, Anda the Hutt announced that she would be away for an indeterminate amount of time as she took care of issues in the outlying regions of Hutt Space.   Hutt hierarchy and politics are nearly impossible for outsiders to understand, but it seemed it was the huttling, Sunee the Hutt who was left in charge of whatever Anda the Hutt presided over.   Shortly before that and since then Sunee has been appearing as a hologram at Hutt Nights.   It almost makes you wonder if she knew a bombing of some kind would occur.   2015-07-19HuttNight

A swoop race on Corellia

Hello sports fan. Today GNW report on the races they had on Corellia. There were several in fact but this reporter will give you the layout on the first race. Our racers were Rothlan, lenor, Dragon lover Lu’en Lehar Tayla’Ani. Continue reading