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Yavin Day!!

yavin IV day copy

The Battle of Yavin, otherwise known as the rebel assault on the first Death Star. It’s Rebels3briskly paced and intense. The stakes could not be higher. At the Battle of Yavin, there were four fighter squadrons. Pilots and starfighters from Red, Gold and Blue Squadrons were re-assigned to Yavin base from the Independence. Green squadron, permanently stationed at Yavin Base. They were made up of a mixture of Y- and X-Wings and more pilots than starfighters. Priority was given to the best-skilled pilots, so some shoving around was required to place the more experienced pilots in the bigger squadrons. Pilots like Biggs, Wedge, Luke and Porkins were assigned to Red squadron, which they decided would have twelve starfighters. Gold squadron was made up of at least seven Y-Wings. Blue Squadron was comprised of both A-Wings and X-Wings. The formal briefing was given by General Dodonna. The trench run to reach the exhaust port, but there were some smaller stages preceding that, designed to weaken the Death Star’s defenses as it approached the Yavin system. The first such mission included destroying a communications satellite in order to block the Death Star’s transmissions to the rest of the Empire, and attacking an orbiting Star Destroyer and its TIE fighters.Rebels1 Rebels2

A second mission was a surface attack made by a small number of fighters, mostly X-Wings from Red and Blue squadrons. During that second mission, the Rebel pilots managed to destroy a number of gun turrets, towers and even a big laser cannon that was protecting the exhaust port. That cleared the way for the final assault. After a quick debriefing on Yavin 4, all the squadrons were sent for the final assault when the Death Star was 30 minutes away. For the trench run, Alliance strategists decided that Y-Wings should have the first run, because being bombers they carry more torpedoes. The more experienced squadron was Gold, and they enforced it by re-assigning Keyan Farlander to that squadron. They would need backup from fighters who had a better chance of diverting TIE fighters. They went with Blue squadron, because it had the speedy A-Wings. Red squadron would have a go with the second run in case Gold didn’t make it. They would have Green squadron to cover them, but being X-Wings with mostly veteran pilots they didn’t really need a big back-up.    Yavin_base_briefing_room

Come Tuesday 28th June Yavin IV will celebrate those who gave their lives to take down the first death star. they would like all to come and celebrate with them. The events goes as this:

1. 12:00 Noon SLT FFC battle
2. 4 pm SLT – Lightsaber, Gunner and Melee tournament in AOWCS
3.- after the Tournament OOC Party in IC dress code


i. The tournament will be in meter using the AOWCS HUD
ii. Lightsaber users, gunners and melee fighters are welcome to join and will face off against each other [mixed field] iii. No other CS enhancements are allowed
iv. No resetting HUDs during combat rounds
v. TPing out or disconnection during a round would result in immediate forfeit of the round


First – 1000 L
Second – Npc Scout Trooper
Third – A 5G Lightsaber and hilt

3. OOC Party in IC dress code post the lightsaber tournament

Federation comes to Thustra aid

5bd66a382714afdcc278470e40a052bfGNW has learned that there is battle going on with Imperials and Thustra.  What we learned from our sources is that the Imperials came to break the Thustra defensive blockade. They took out the Thustra fighter squadrons and one of the Thustra frigates. Thustra took out the Imperial flagship called “The Immovable will of the Emperor” and then forces coming out of Bengat came to Thustra aid with two droid squadrons and a Mandalorian vessel. Finding themselves outnumbered, even after their successes, the Imperial fleet turned to retreat. Thustra forces were led by General Norock Turoth, second in line for the Thustra throne. Then forces coming out of Bengat were led by Slade. GNW has no confirmation as to which planet the forces belonged to.   We are told  that the battle is still on going and that Thustra forces and  forces coming out of Bengat are not letting the Imperials retreat without a sound beating and we at GNW will keep you inform if we hear anything new.

Tython: The rebirth of the old jedi temple

The Jedi Temple, also known as the Jedi Athe_jedi_temple_of_tython_by_cptndunsel-d5qtwv2cademy, was the headquarters of the Jedi Order after the Galactic Republic’s defeat in the Great Galactic War, thus replacing its counterpart, the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, as the heart of the Order. The new Temple was constructed on the legendary Deep Core World of Tython, the planet on which thtython jedi temple_001e Jedi Order was founded thousands of years ago. Now some years later after her destruction Tython has created replica of the iconic Temple. GNW had the pleasure of exploring the inside of the temple. As we took a look, we were reminded of the ancient pictures we had seen of the temple in the archives.

We Spoke with Grandmaster Mistwalker who said, “Yes we have been busy for some time, restoring the temple using the original stone from the old Tython temples. We thought it was only right we pay tribute to the original Jed’aii Order.”tython jedi temple 3_001

We were told that the original design of the old temple was uncovered by Tython’s archivist. We explored all the rooms with some rooms kept as was the old temple was and other rooms build from the records of the old jedi order. There are other rooms still being worked on but over all its was great sight to see. GNW will keep you updated on future events on Tython.tython jedi temple 1_001

The Droid Revolution : Still alive and kicking

zaku f_001Some time ago GNW brought you a story on the Droid Revolution. Its has been a while since we have heard anything from the Droid freedom fighters. GNW had the opportunity to speak with the leader of the Droid revolution at the black hole casnio on Nar Shadda.” We learned from Zaku that Droid still want to be made free and have rights like all organics. We also learn that the Droid Freedom fighters want freedom for organic slaves as well. zaku the buster bot said, ” I want to stop the hutts and get rid of slavery in a hole.”

There were talks of plans on how they could help droid gain their freedom. Emelia: “hmm best plan would be making an program what would give them free will, and upload into the refreshing processors, so then they would get the normal maintenance check then boom. Free will”

Mad Reaver plans to free the droids on Dantooine. “We plan on liberating the droids on Dantooine next. The DJE consider themselves so high and mighty but still feel droids are beneath them. That you can print.. tell the DJE we will be seeing them real soon”

It looks like the peaceful moment is no longer taken on a role of peace.  Mad Reaver Hax: “Our liberation starts there”   How things end up only time will tell but GNW will be there to keep you informed.