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Dantooine New Governor

Governor Vyn'dara_001GNW travel to the Outer Rim Territories to the planet Dantooine. Dantooine is the home world of the Jedi Enclave DJE. Rich history in the former base of the rebel  in the Galactic civil war and great student of the force trained on this planet.  Student of the force from the past as well as the present. such as Exar Kun, Revan, and Malak of the past and Valery Goldshark, Galise Sterope, and Gabriel from the present.

Today GNW had the pleasure to meet New Governor of Dantooine. Governor Vyn’dara was originally from Nar Shaddaa. Wanting to seek a better life for herself, she move to start a trade business in Garang. A city that is part of Dantooine. Vyn’dara said, ” I’ve gotten to know many of the farmers and Settlers that come through here and been starting to make a name for myself. a short time ago there was a election being held for Governor so i decided to throw my name in. i was shocked that so many voted for me and i won the election and thus my new current position.”

Governor Vyn’dara plans to coordinate with the Ambassador and get the many offers of trading partnerships looked over and approved or disapproved based on what is best for Dantooine. She also plans to actively get Dantooine Guard back in active to help secure the growing population as well as look into getting settlements set up to help provide comfortable living arrangements for many of the new businesses and settlers that will be coming to Dantooine with the new business boon.

Governor Vyn’dara international relationship with Onderon, Hutt council, Federation, and the Empire are of the follow when ask she said, “Well the Ambassador on the Council of the Enclave has already done so much towards the building relationship with Onderon and he will continue to do so I see no need to change that. I will be working actively with Onderon and their Military to help keep Dantooine secure as we get things put in order, and for now there hasn’t been too much talk with the Federation and Dantooine will continue to remain a Independent System until the Council and I consider otherwise, and As for the Hutts, there has been one or two Hutts already coming forward to discuss opening a business deals with them so theres that to consider. and for the Empire we will remain ever vigilant but hopeful of them.”

The New Administration plan to stay out of the Hutt and Sith War but she said, ” We will always be able to provide Relief aid and supplies to the systems ravaged by the conflicts between the Hutts and the Sith groups, but Open Declaration of War we will not at this time.”

We were told by the Governor when we asked about the relationship between the Dantooine Enclave and the new Administration that the Jedi of the Enclave has historically been advisors and guides for the Settlers of Dantooine if there was issues or trouble that requires a median to help resolve they were there to help. And they will continue to do so. The council members will help advise her to always help bring a peaceful solution to any problem that she feel are too big for just her to handle but she will handle most of the day to day operations with trading and the overseeing of the Farmers and Settlers of Dantooine.

Governor Vyn’dara said, “Dantooine is becoming a Hub of trading and business and there is still much room for all. Any who wish to come here and set up shop please contact me and we can arrange or any new and old businesses to bring their wares here. we will gladly receive them.”

GNW will keep you posted any new information we learn from the New Governor and the Jedi Enclave.

Onderon’s Knights Protectorate

Temporary Knights Protectorate symbolThere is new Jedi order raising up in the Jungle of Onderon. They are are called the Order of the Knights Protectorate, or just known as ‘The Knights’ and sometimes ‘The Protectorate.’

We at GNW learned that the Knights Protectorate is an Order formed by Jedi Knights who were disgruntled with the way Jedi Orders ran. Instead of caution they chose action. To serve the galaxy in a more proactive way. Because of this they feel they must hold a more minimalist lifestyle, to better keep true to the Jedi Code and remain in the light.

The Knights live a simple life. Their Camps and Temple would be almost bare, only holding what was required for their purpose, no lavish drapes or fountains but instead, tents and an old temples with Onderon beneath their feet. The purpose? To keep them rough to keep them ready, and to mobilize them to fight evil wherever it manifested.

All member of the order started as Knight Initiate. At this stage of growth they are first taught humility, minimalist dress and less than desirable tasks. This is until a Knight of sufficient rank makes them an apprentice. When this happen they become Knight Apprentice I. As they continue the growing process at this stage they truly begins their training as a Jedi. as a 1st degree Apprentice they will learn what it means to be a Jedi. This teaching is left true to its origins and aims to avoid biased opinion from the Knight Protectorate. Apprentices of the 1st degree must be void of Armour and weapons so as to learn how to be a sufficient survivalist and Jedi in their own right. They then move to what is the called The 2nd degree of apprenticeship and are Knight Apprentice II. At this stage, they start with the introduction of saber creation and the Knight Protectorate teachings. After the Apprentice has been on missions with their instructor and proven themselves capable, they will undergo their trails, to become a Jedi. As Jedi the will be known as Knight Protectorate then move on to other ranks which are Knight master and then Knight commander.

GNW was told that the Knights Protectorate are now taken in application and if you wish to become Knights Protectorate please speak with Faragila Arctor. GNW will keep you up date on activates of The Knights Protectorate as they come.

Productivity and Economic growth on the Forest moon of Endor

GNW travel to the Forest Moon of Endor. Where we met Nicodemus. A memGrae agent Nicodemus 2_001ber of GRAE who wanted to give GNW a update on what has been going since last we spoke with them.

What we learn from Nicodemus is that all the Ewoks were happily back in their place living up and tall trees to protected them selves from hunters and being taken care of by their monarch Rexsus II.

As you know, before GRAE took back the forest moon, it was once occupy by the IMP. Nicodemus said they had a lot of cleaning to do after the last land lord and when ask, why the IMP left the place in such a mess Nicodemus said, “We believe there were some growing unnatural wild life that resisted them while trying to settle here and lead to a intense battle and other actions.”

GNW also asked about their former enemies and if they had new enemies. We were told that the Shade Regime has returned and a few of his troops have been taken out by those in the old Regime trooper’s armor and we were told that reports are coming back they’re rebuilding similar to how GRAE is growing and improving. He also said they still trying to work the case out but, they believe there are two leaders running Shade Regime. Their old enemy Darth Toruk and the other he would not say right now.

GRAE is also mining a rare mineral called called Cortosis. a mineral that is very hard to mine and hazardous to works. Cortosis if you don’t know is was a very rare, brittle, fibrous material whose conductive properties caused lightsabers to temporarily short out upon contact. This effect made cortosis a useful material for anti-lightsaber melee weapons, though with repeated smining area_001trikes, a lightsaber could still cut through it. Cortosis, due to its energy resistant properties, was also resistant to blaster fire. GRAE use droids that well taken care of to mine the core. They allow the droid to take shift so that each group can recharge and continue the mining. GNW will keep you update on new events going on on the Forest moon of Endor.