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Senator Cymri says Democracy is alive and well on New Alderaan


Further to our interview with Governor Xaraec, GNW had the opportunity to meet with Senator Cymri Ta of New Alderaan who serves as the planet’s Representative at the Galactic Federation of Free Republics (GFFR).

Senator Cymri wasted no time in expressing her disagreement with Governor Xaraec’s allegation that Democracy had been “murdered” on New Alderaan citing her own victory in the elections for Senator as proof that the Democratic process was alive and well. The Senator also pointed out that she disagreed with the Governor’ charge that the civilian Government had been made irrelevant stating “I represent the civilian government every time I stand before congress.  I am voting on  laws that would benefit all and not just the noble houses.”

Asked if Governor would be facing charges of possible treason and if he could be arrested the Senator replied “…Her Majesty the Queen told me that she cares about democracy and so she feels that the Governor has a right to speak as he wishes, as long as what he says doesn’t  endanger the lives others and as long as he doesn’t  plan a war on the monarchies.”  She also added that there were no plans to remove  the Governor stating “The Queen will leave it up to the citizens of New Alderaan if  they wish to keep the Governor Xarec as their Governor.  We will see in July whether he keeps his position.”

On the matter of the disappearance of Lady Rebellia the former Queen of New Alderaan, the Senator was confident that her whereabouts would be traced soon and denied rumors that she was kidnapped stating that there has been no requests for ransom.  The Senator also added that the Queen welcomed an investigation into the affair and declared that the investigation would be led personally by New Alderaan’s Head of Militia, Kreega Zell.

As Senator Cymri herself is a Noble from the House of Killesa however she felt there is nothing wrong in Nobles standing for election to the posts in the Civilian Government stating that everyone Noble or Non-Noble had a right to stand for Office.

When questioned on Governor Xaraec’s attempts to abolish the Monarchy, Senator Cymri replied “Monarchy is a part of Alderaan. its our rich history.  Its taken us while to get back to it since as you know  years before my time when Alderaan was destroyed, it was Princess/ General Organa who helped us find this planet.  New Alderaan wasn’t under a Monarchy when it was established.  However my Grand Parents’ generation desired to to bring it back and my generation  desired to keep  it when they  voted against the bill to abolish the Monarchy. As long as I am Senator,  I will fight the Governor on his bill to destroy our rich history because of his selfish and yes I say selfish hate against the house of Taborri.”

In closing the Senator stated “I want the citizens of New Alderaan to know that Democracy here in our great planet is not dead.  You still have voice in what is going on in your Government.  You still have the right to vote for or against any laws that may come up.”

Governor Xaraec laments the murder of Democracy

Xaraec Republic_001GNW had a chance to catch up with the Governor of New Alderaan, the Bothan Xaraec for a short interview.

GNW correspondent: Greetings Governor, post the coronation of the new Queen Jacinda Taborri on New Alderaan you have kept a low profile, why is that?

Governor Xaraec: The civilian Government of New Alderaan has been made entirely irrelevant! The reign of Queen Rebellia Organa was supposed to oversee the transition to a full civilian Government. Instead, Democracy has been murdered by the House of Taborri and the House of Thul which had equal claim to the throne if the monarchy was to be continued has been sidelined entirely!

GNW correspondent: That is a very serious charge Governor?

Governor Xaraec: It does not make it any less true.

GNW correspondent: And what of the previous Queen ? Lady Rebellia ?

Governor Xaraec: What indeed ? She has disappeared! With no news at all on her whereabouts!

GNW correspondent: That indeed is surprising Governor, GNW will investigate no doubt. Anything else for our readers ?

Governor Xaraec: I call upon the press to investigate these injustices! Full democracy must be installed in New Alderaan!

The Shade Regime on the Raise!

darth_001GNW travel to Teth Refueling Station where we met Darth Toruk who was having his shuttle being worked on by the landing crew droids. He saw the article GNW done with GRAE and wanted to go more in depth about the Regime then GRAE did. Standing by his guards, Darth Toruk told GNW that Regime returned not too long ago but rebuilding slowly.

What is Regime and what are they all about?

Darth Toruk Second lead of the Shade Regime and Grand Marauder. His job is to pick out the force sensitives in the Shade Regime and have them brought over to Dark Sided force sensitive program. which they call the Shade Regime Imperius. Which Darth Toruk also technically lead. The Shade Regime was once a offshoot Faction of the Shadow Sith clan which is now extinct thanks to GRAE. The Regime is currently a large Trooper faction. They large scale number but not as much as they use have. The Troopers were mostly Mercenaries that volunteered to loose their identities and taken up TK serial numbers. There are only few of them left because most of them died in the fiery bombing on Geonosis by the hand of GRAE and their Troops. Currently, Regime army consists of failed clones who join then were altered with Sith alchemy and other means to amplify their strengths and intelligence. This was also done with some of the Mercenaries as well. We were also told that some of the clones were clone from former soldiers of their.

Why all this build up?

Darth Toruk said, “The Shade Regime has quite a few enemies. Not only including GRAE, but some from my leader’s former group. We’ve also been processing a strike on DJE also which in time will be attended to “he grunts “We’ve been currently work our processing around Korriban. In many areas of the planet. We also brought back the Regime as to honor its late former leader and great one Darth Necrosis who helped me start the trooper group. After his death, my leader, who was part of the Regime in the Officer ranks, was very burden of his leaving in the force. Although, respected the New Overlord wished, he could do justice for his death.”

Lady Thalia Spintrus from KOJ company GNW and she asked Darth Toruk this question. ” Forgive me, but what processing on Korriban? I was there not too long ago and its as abandoned as it ever was.” GNW also added our question to Lady Thalia Spintrus question. ” I notice you said New leader a lot but never told us who he is or who she is. who is your new leader?”

Darth Toruk answered “Jedi should not being wandering the lands of Sith but to answer your question, we hide our work very well and often work from our fleets and Star destroyers above. Other times will take to areas off limits and light side warded from visitors of Jedi nature or related to such. As for what processing, most of what it is classified. All I can tell you is we’re trying to expand our efforts and strengthen our numbers little by little, “he grunts smirks softly. “As due to his wishes, I can not reveal yet our leader’s identity but… “he pauses to catches breath. “Our leader will be doing a speech that will be published to GNW soon and this speech will be spoken to our numbers and troopers currently in our ranks. “he chuckled “In due time, he will reveal himself.”

Darth Toruk went on given more praise to his leader. He said, “He’s brilliantly trained in Military strategy and intelligent “ he chuckled “And my men and his honorably would die for him. “ Lady Thalia told Darth Toruk that she had more rights to be there then most Sith. “I thank you for your concern, but I have no fear of Korriban given I lived there before the end of the Brotherhood of Darkness and have more right to be there than most Sith.. but not to worry.. I have no interest now in returning.. you can have the dirt.”

Darth Toruk glared for a moment at Thalia then grunts and nods at Kinshasha with a slight chuckle ” As do I and it will be spoken on the Valley grounds of Korriban soon enough when the leader decides to finish it. All troopers know he honorably respects each one of them which makes them fight even stronger in battle. “ he then frowns in thought. “We right now a couple in the fifties and hundreds at our disposal but it could change in time do to a few battles here and there “he shrugs “But after we get the word out of our rising and return, we hope to gain over a thousand or so “he chuckled “We’re not picky but we’ll see and hope possibly more will contact us in hope to join our ranks “

Darth Toruk ended our interview with this message to Byss’ empire. “We have no intentions to rival Byss’s empire and may or may not pursue them for affiliation purposes. We’re technically not a Sith order, although I am technically the only Sith in the Regime beside my leader being of slight heritage which will be reveal to whom soon enough. Oh and also our Inquisitor. “He pauses with a grin” But we will gladly welcome any Representative of the Byss Empire to approach us for negotiations if they wish. Even though, we’re a Dark sided faction then Sith.”

Galactic Federation of free Republic supporting Sanctuary cities

ailta2_001GNW travel to Ashera space in the unexplored region. A place where the Legion set a space station. While we were there, we talk to the GFFR Lady Chair Aℓιтα who wanted to address those in the Federation and outside the Federation protection. This is what she said, “We will always offer a safe haven and the protection of life and freedom to those seeking it.” She goes on to say that, “A safe haven from tyranny, from war, from the Sith, and from injustice” She said, “Each body of the federation is offering safe haven, being the Fel Empire and the Legion have several worlds in their control I will be specific about those locations, the Fel Empire offers safe haven on Tattoine, they just check in at the Mos Eisley space port. the Legion Offers protection of trade and refugee ships as well as the the use of this Station, They can get clearance from any Legion member, Those wishing to join the fight against the Sith and the oppression of civil liberties can speak with a Legion member to join the fight.”

She told GNW that The Legion is, don’t forget I’m a Primus Pilus of the Legion firstly.  If the Sith or any tyrant tries to be aggressive towards us, then the Legion and its allies will defend them by any means necessary. The Fel Empire has offered its full support. The Federation has already voted to allow 15,000 troops to protect those seeking shelter.  I will use the Legion and the Fel Empire to that effect. She told us, when asked, Will the federation ask for help of the Jedi to stand a long with the 15,000 troopers protecting these Sanctuary cities? She said, “The Director and the Arch master plan to meet with Grand Master Iria to discuss that very topic.”

Madam chair end our interview with this statement. “I want the people to know that the Legion and the Fel Empire will continue to protect all routes so that the refugees can get to these safe havens, the Federation hasn’t forgotten you, the Jedi will help to insure order and safety of the refugees and the Federation worlds will welcome you.”

Hutt Night makes Jakku


From the sand crusted planet of Jakku comes another exciting Hutt Night. As usual, a gaggle of Hut converged to talk about business and try to get new recruits into their crime cartels. It was about half way through that a group described as Sith by the Hutts stepped up and made an announcement: “it has come to our attention on malrev that a long lost gemini droid has been found by Clan Gorensia” then he continued to explain himself to the Hutts… “if you are familiar with your history then you know that the Gemini droids are the very brains of a legendary fleet that brought the galaxy to the brink of extinction for nearly 5 plus years” he claimed the droid was on Odessen.
The gathered Hutts where needless to say suspicious of the gathered Sith and declared that if all the hutts agreed this is a matter that they should speak on together as council and then agreed as consensus on what to do with droid, and added they believe first they need to verify the sith claim because in typical Hutt fashion there is no point waisting time and credit on something that is false.
The Sith then added “This droid is capable of learning on its own and capable of free will, it is also could have a invisible link to a ancient fleet i further mentioned that is powerful it would be better to let us capture the droid with your support and i am sure it could be to your benefit but however we must make sure it is not active other wise it would be wise to not ignore me other wise we could pay the price and we may join them”
Once more the Hutts insisted they would talk about teh matter and get back to teh unknown Sith group.

Later an official came forward from Corellia with an offer for an antidote of some kind, but when he didn’t have it he went away unsure of if his mission to make all friendly like with teh Hutts worked or not,m and the Hutts were disapointed.

Not much else happened, everyone had fun and made it home safe and sound.