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SCi- fi con 2017

SCi- fi con 2017 part of the convention of 10 sims and boothsThe sci -fi convention for RFL is under way today till April 2nd.  It is an event to help raise money for Relay for life to help fund research for cancer.  I was told that radio station broadcasting live all day long.  I am told its at booth 80.  Also  there are 10 sims of stuff and events for people to explore and do.

The Sim themes are:

There is Air!
A breezy hillside on a distant world, where the local architecture takes advantage of the gentle climate. Fly a kite at the hilltop park, or enjoy an afternoon watching kinetic sculptures & clouds rolling by.

Its on FIRE!
Might as well be walking on the Sun! From the Cosmic Fire to Campfires, immerse yourself in a world of beauty & danger! Will You play with Fire?


Down to Earth!
A primitive planet lush with grass and trees, where a Sci-Fi Colony has grown up around the local settlement. Live the explorer’s adventure on a world of earth & stone!

Water Water Everywhere!
Even in the future sometimes the old ways are best! What happens when technology influences a classic stilt city port? Lights on the water & a city that never sleeps!

The Elements in balance with a nod to the surreal reality that is our shared Second Life.
Home to the best show in the galaxy, The Milky Way Cabaret! An engineered space for leisure & pleasure! (Events Zone)

Where there is Life!
Welcome to your DNA, a planet that celebrates science and the miracle of life.
Tour the boulevard, enjoy many activities & events & visit the Star Temple!
(Events Zone & main Landing Point)


One of the Booth to go see is booth #95  The creators worked really hard on it.  Its very well done elemental its on fire theme.  lava lake texture looks really hot.   If you stop by leave a donation to help fund research for Cancer.   GNW will keep you posted on more booth when they come.

#95 Dark Legion of Sith {DLS} Seraphin Empire, Malrev @sci-fi Dark Star Sabers Sci-Fi Con 2017 Snapshot _ #95 Dark Legion of Sith {DLS} at Sci-fi-con for RFL

A New Clone Army ?

Over the last 6 months GNW reporters have analysed shipments and supplies to New Alderaan and found large deliveries of equipment used in the cloning of humanoid species.  Hence GNW visited New Alderaan’s Representative to the GFFR, Senator Cymiri Ta to clarify this matter.

Senator Cymiri_001

The Senator was reluctant to divulge much information despite GNW providing evidence of the shipments, citing security reasons for her silence on the matter.  The Senator however allowed GNW to inspect New Alderaan’s medical facilities which were under renovation.

New Alderaan’s largest medical facility:

clone base_001

Our inspection of the medical facility revealed large scale cloning devices including incubation tanks, DNA sequencers and other such equipment.  The incubation tanks were populated with humanoid life forms suspected of being clones.


While cloning is not illegal,such a scale of cloning operations has not been seen since many years ago when the Republic created a clone army.

When GNW asked New Alderaan’s Governor Xaraec about the cloning operations he was tight lipped as well, a rare moment of consensus between the Governor and his political rival Senator Cymiri Ta.  GNW will bring you more on this story as more details become available. STAY TUNED!

Grand General Darcrux’ Speech

GNW received this wide broadcast from Korriban and it is relayed for the benefit of our viewers.

In the Valley of Sith lords of the planet Korriban around the landing zone ,a slight young looking Kaleesh steps up as a recording Regime controlled probe droid hovers around the area and gathers the images seen and heard here.

The Kaleesh looks well dressed and in military uniform with all sorts of officer ranked medals and heavily guarded by two Shade Regime Officer troopers ..He seems calm and collected and very proud.. As he clears his throat and his voice could be heard clearly throughout the area.

Grand General Darcrux prepares his speech


As he stands on the platform he watches as hundreds and hundreds of his men appear and march up below him awaiting to hear his words of support and encouragement ,This is indeed the new found leader of the Shade Regime and the troopers that are seen marching up appear to know clearly who he is.

Hundreds of troops march up to listen to their leader's words

His voice now echoes out clearly and with a cool smooth tone of voice sounding very proud of his army that have come to attend his speech ..He begins:

“MY SOLDIERS AND FINE TROOPERS..! WELCOME AND THANK YOU ALL FOR ARRIVING !” he says clearly as the probe droid amplifies his voice to be heard more from the back row

“I’ve gathered you all here today to fully announce our rise from the ashes we once were! As some of you already know who I am ,I will still make it clear that to others I am Grand General Darcrux ..The very last blood relative and BROTHER of Darth Necrosis ..The one who founded this Regime with Darth Toruk that stands here today …..I am Blood heritage to his sith culture And proud to be not just this but a fellow soldier in this Regime..Now prouder that I lead you all also ” he pauses for a moment as he looks around at the men gathered before him.

The Troopers listen intently with respect

He then continues “Many of your brothers and fellow comrades died in the past to fight for this Regime to continue to exist ..My brother was one of them! ” he clenches his fist at this.

“I fought along side with many of you through wars before I became a leader also.And saw many of your fellow brothers fall and be killed before me while fought besides them…I honorably view you all and even them as my own kin and soldiers in the Regime..And you SHALL KNOW MY BROTHER’S DEATH SHALL NOT GO IN VAIN ” his voice clearly said with triumph.

“His killers will find justice and your comrades who’ve fallen during our wars with our enemies will be fought proudly for! We will tremble nations!KINGDOMS WILL FALL DOWN ONE BY ONE! ENCLAVES WILL FEEL A FIERY FATE AND HAVE BLAZING LANDS OF WHAT WAS ONCE THEIR HOMES AND WILL ALSO CRUMBLE AT OUR FEET!! .. We WILL Strike down those who oppose us with heavy hostility!! ..Especially those former allies and the ones who’ve cast us aside they are now our enemies ..And they WILL perish!!..Anyone who stand in our way will know the true meaning of the Regime now!! …That meaning is strength in numbers and strength in our pride for the Regime..! ”

The troopers roar with approval as they hear this then return into military attention stance to listen more at their leader’s words.

The Army stand at attention with honor and pride

“Many of you will shed blood ,sweat and tears during these upcoming wars against our foes ! …And it won’t be for nothing ! It will be for the Regime to strive stronger at the face of our enemies !”  he said firmly with respect then continues after catching his breath.

“You will have many fighting beside you including the possibilities of myself ,Darth Toruk your second command and our High Inquisitor Lord Canis and soon maybe more who will join our force sensitive training the Shade Regime Imperius ..You will give any of those ranks the respect you’d give me along with Darth Toruk ..You’ve already shown your allegiances to us respectfully it is time to show it in battle by actions!”

The troopers continue to listen as he pauses and continues again “Each one of you have you’re own set of skills and many of you are skilled in piloting fighters which will be a benefit to our Naval strikes against our foes” “Do not let any of your skills go in vain …DO NOT FAIL ME MY BROTHERS IN ARMS! DO NOT FAIL YOUR FALLEN COMRADES EITHER! AS FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!” he said loudly with a sharper firm tone of voice now

Then shuttles and a large Imperial Star Destroyer arrives as he goes on to say

he says loudly with firmness ..As he finishes his speech and the troopers roar with approval again and salute to their leader and then march into their shuttles and the shuttles start entering the Star destroyer.

A star Destroyer arrives to pick the troopers

The Grand General then turns and takes the elevator up as his own personal shuttle arrives for him.

General Darcrux Takes to his ship

Then he and his guards disappear into it and the shuttle takes off.