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Onderon makes a great leap in technology

By invitation, GNW Editor Lady Kinsashala travelled to a base in the jungles of Onderon to meet with Lady Reya Red.

Photo of Lady Reya Red:

Article Photograph 2

During the conversation with Lady Reya Red, GNW was informed that the team of scientists in the Jadva Biotech University has made a unique lazer-based microscope capable of peering deep withing the structures of matter and the force.

The massive structure is an impressive sight to behold. Lady Reya Red informed GNW that she is an investor in the project and it was the scientists of the Jadva Biotech University that designed and constructed the facility.

Article Photograph 1

While GNW did not have a scientific team on hand to test the device, Lady Reya explained that “..microscope works on light and the more light you concentrate into it the more things become visible on the micro scale. ” Lady Reya also stated that the main purpose of the device is to “.. see what the galaxy and universe is constructed of will bring great insights to the galaxy and when this becomes more well known I expect to upgrade it with powerful crystals to get an even deeper look.”

Article Photograph 3

While the applications of this device are not yet fully clear the device would provide “…a structured look on what the force and material may be made up from. This could provide new technologies, medicines, stronger materials..”

GNW will be consulting a variety of scientists as well as notable figures across the Galaxy to get their reactions on the device.