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Madam Chair Address Tome clan’s claims of corruption

lady chair Tiplaria_001

Greetings Fellow citizen of the federation. I come to you today to address the issue involving Fai’ra disappearance.  Fai’ra, as you know, was placed on trial for treason.  The trial was done fairly no bais attention. The most humane thing that the federation believed that was the right thing to do was not to kill her which is what most government would do when a citizen commits treason but we decide to place her in carbonite.  The Tome Clan wanted to execute Fai’ra. Tried blocking the path of her getting frozen, demanding that she be released to them so they could execute her for her crimes. I know that they had a concern of Fai’ra escaping and to them, it would have been better to solve the issue with her death.   Executing someone is not an issue I take lightly and so I was glad we work things out.  They were there when she was placed in carbonite and was there when we locked her up for storage.   The whole time we were open and didn’t hide anything from them and we will remain open.  Tome our citizen of the Federation and what concern our citizen concern me.  If they desire to investigate the federation, they are welcome to.  The GFFR is willing to cooperate with any questioning they may have into corruption within the Senate.

The Alor of tome Gabriele Aranda’s re-clarification on earlier interview with the Tome clan.

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GNW headed back to Bespin on request by the Tome clan. While there we spoke with the Leader of the Tome Clan. Tome clan leader Gabriele Aranda had this to say.

” I’m the alor of tome, I wanted to redo your interview for two reasons, one being the message was, albeit, a bit too strong. Number two, because of a few things that have come to my attention that were not exactly addressed. so Gabriele Aranda addresses the two things not address in the first interview.

She stated, “One thing is, we are not and will not call for a war we are not prepared for yet. We have certain allies, we will rally to if they call for us. But our investigation is just that, We are only looking into rumors of GFFR corruption, Another issue that wasn’t addressed, or rather, not addressed properly is the attack on our home, and the attempted murder of my alor’ad and little sister.”

Then it was asked of her what wasn’t addressed about the attacker. she responded, “The attacker was a young girl, in her teens. Long brown hair, Heavily augmented and using a bow. After profiling her, I can tell she isn’t a killer. Her mission wasn’t a life, So murder has been ruled out. She was here for a particular item, The one discussed was indeed a dragon medallion of the serapin empire. Our investigation into the GFFR is linked to this in a way. Either that or just horrible timing. Either way, We will be investigating more into these matters and some rumors about them being behind fai’ra’s escape and disappearance. We think if they are, she might be using a new identity. And if so Well, I’ve been working on the creation of a genetic scanner linked to a database. We’re looking for an amaran with white fur. And that narrows it down quite a bit. We also have a rumor that she’s roaming the galaxy wearing a cloak over Mandalorian armor. Whatever it is, she will be brought to justice, and if the GFFR are involved, we will indeed drag this shadow to the light.

GNW then ask what crimes did Fai’ra committed against the Tome Clan. Gabriela Aranda said, “I’m glad you asked, At one point she was one of ours. When it came to her capture, any attempt in bringing her in for her crimes against not only the federation, but her betrayal and murder of Mandalorians, these numbers include the murders of her previous clan before us, Are stagnant, and demand justice. The longer whoever has freed her harbors her, The worse this gets. The ones responsible for her release and who are hiding her, threaten the lives of everyone in the galaxy. That’s why I’ve been working closely with the fel empire and the grand army of the republic clones on locating and bringing in this dangerous individual. To which her sentence is death and nothing less. I believe the GFFR are behind it, solely because she was under their watch as she was frozen, her sentence alone is unusual for her crimes. We urge that the GFFR come forward with a statement for the people to touch on this matter. So far, they have done nothing of the sort, which leads me to further believe they are the ones behind all of this. A crucial bit of evidence against fai’ra is now missing, my alor’ad, the one who has been getting the word out, just so happens to be alone when the attack happens. It speaks volumes about the intent of the shadow behind the recent attack, and fai’ra’s disappearance. Whoever our enemy is, they are creative. But I am far more so. After carefully studying these events, my speculation continues to go uncontested.”

The interview ended with her end with this statement. “Only one last thing. Let it be known, my alor’ad’s armor and speeder bike were damaged in the attack, all Mandalorian property, all very expensive. For not only the price of causing grief, conducting espionage, attempted murder, and property damage. The crimes against this group of individuals is now treason, aiding, and abiding, arson, premeditated manslaughter and guilt by association. They too will be brought before the masses and made to pay for their crimes against not only us but the people of this galaxy. Let it be known, I am cabur. An agent of manda, my will is for the people. And this shadow will be brought to light. To anyone out there, know these colors, and know them well. These are the colors of a Mandalorian with dedication. If you wish to turn yourselves in, I urge you to do so. If not, then may the best minds win.”

Madam Chair Respond to Tome Clan’s Accusation

madam Chairwoman and the queen of Alderaan and the Baron admin_001

While at the summit with Queen Jacinda Taborri of New Alderaan and Baron Administrator Rhialto Tereshchenko of Bespin, speaking on matters of GFFR getting involve in-state involving  Galactic events that will bring about peace throughout the Galaxy, The Madam chair pause to respond to Tome clan’s accusation.  Madam chair had this to say, “Tome Clans are the citizen of Bespin which are citizens of the Federation. We wouldn’t attack our own citizen, but we are looking into who the attacker was and we will bring her to justice.  Are intelligence agency believe this was most likely someone who cares about Fai’ra.  If anyone from the GFFR was involved….it is someone acting of their own accord”

Attack on the Tome Clan: Tome Clan Suspect GFFR Involvement

Buurenaar Tome_001

Greetings I am KinsaShala your editor of Galactic News Watch. GNW is reporting on a explosion that took place on Bespin two days ago. Holocam on Bespin Undercity on a nearby building showed an unconscious Mandalorian. A woman was viewed near the Mandalorian but a positive view of the woman could not be taken.

GNW went down to Bespin Undercity to speak to the Mandalorian who was actively doing her work even with her injuries. Mandalorian told us that her name was Burrenaar Tome. That she is the Alor’ad of the Tome Clan. She went on to say two days ago her clan’s yaim was attacked by a hut’uun who could not even bother to show their face to them. She said, “They shot at us from a distance and they turned my swoop bike into a bomb that nearly took my life. They then stole from us”

Burrenaar Tome told GNW that some item that was linked to an investigation her clan was running was stolen. She said they were investigating possible corruption within the GFFR after the Escape of a dangerous prisoner that was in their custody at the time of her escape. She spoke of Fai’ra Tereschenko who carbonite chamber has gone missing and replace with a fake.

Buurennar suspect the female attacker was sent by someone within the ranks of the GFFR. She said, “Even though we know the GFFR will deny any knowledge of anything happening that makes them look bad. The item would have been used to further on prove just how dangerous the person they let escape their custody was.” Burrennaar did not get a good look at her attacker but she told GNW that it was one person and she admits as cowardly as they were to keep hiding it was also a smart move. she goes on to say, “By the time the attacker showed herself at all, I was already on the ground out cold. I saw the security recording later but again I never saw the attacker’s face. I just have this gut feeling someone is trying to get us to end our investigation which also tells me there’s stuff worth investigating…people normally don’t try to shut you up unless they have something to hide”

Buurennaar Tome told us that she was the only person attacked when it happen thanks to the streets being mainly empty at that time. We ended our interview with her saying that they are planing to continue the investigation and gather more evidence. Maybe ruffle some feathers so to speak. she said, “It’s amazing what putting pressure on something can do to it. but at least now the GFFR will realize that we are watching them closely and we’re ready to remind them why you don’t mess with Mandalorians”

GAR Return to Tython

[GAR] Tython PhotoGNW received holonet from the Grandmaster from Tython and this is what he had to say.

“After the attacks on Tython from the Serapin Empire, the Twi’lek village was destroyed and the remaining civilians and politicians evacuated while Tython was under Sith control.   It is because of these attacks and the very real risk that Serapin or its allies will attempt to take Tython again, that the Je’daii council has asked the Grand Army of the Republic to reopen its outpost in the Praxeum Forest.  The members of the Onderon Embassy will also occupy the same post.

It has been 10 years since GAR was on Tython and the Je’daii and remaining population welcomes there help in these troubled times.  Now nearly 6 months later, Tython has rebuilt itself and the Je’daii have returned, the few civilians that are left have elected a senator from the old royal twil’ek monarchy, to once again represent Tython at the GFFR.

Grand Master Zac Mistwalker for and on behalf of the NJO Council.”