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Last night Bespin was Attack by Killiks

killik attack bespin_003 killik attack bespin_011 killik attack bespin_012

The issue of killiks that New Alderaan had has now been brought to the footsteps of Bespin.  Last night Bespin was attacked.  Our source tells us that the Killiks were looking for the unjoiner technology.  A technology created by the Bespinian that allowed those who have been part takers of a joining to break free.  The technology is being kept in a well select place that our source is not at liberty to tells us where.   Troopers were there to hold back the swarming invaders as they took over the plaza and medbay.  Senator Aatto from Naboo, who was saved on New Alderaan, was taken to bespin to be administered the unjoiner tech there was taken out of bespin’s medbay by the troopers and lifted to a secure place for his safety. As our prayers were with the people of New Alderaan, our prayers are with the Bespinian. We are hoping for great outcome. GNW will keep you updated on the fate of Bespin as they come.

The bridge of Peace has been made for the two Houses

jacinda_001 copyJedi Master, Odan-Urr laid the foundation for the principle that Jedi follow even until this day.     Jedi Master Odan-Urr was adamant about all Jedi learning and know from least to the greatest of us the Jedi Codes.   The first line of our codes that marinate in the hearts of all Jedi who follow the path of the light.  There is no emotion there is peace.  Which allows some to speculate that the Jedi don’t have emotion but that is far from the truth. Emotion are a natural part of living. Jedi are not immune to feeling emotions. Jedi Master Obi-Wan and Master Yoda both openly express their sorrow when they discover the death of Younglings at the hand of Darth Vader. This tenet is not to say that emotion does not exist but that it ought to be set aside. Emotion must be understood first, and it is up to us to explore our feelings. We must confront our thoughts and feelings or we will never achieve peace. Emotions are not to be overcome or denied, but rather understood and dealt with. Then one can truly be at peace. This concept I believe was the tenet that Jedi were moved to bring to the two Houses of Alderaan.

With that being said, Peace is not very easy to come by.  It is very rear commodity to achieve.  So when a nation, planet, Galaxy, person and what we achieve here where we have two houses, build the bride of peace, it is the time of great celebration.  What do we have that is a great celebration? House Organa lead by Queen Jacinda and House Solo lead by King Daran agreed that:


  • House Solo relinquishes claim to all titles and territorial claims as they pertain to New Alderaan.
  • House Organa relinquishes claim to all titles and territorial claims as they pertain to the Alderaan Belt.
  • All Alderaanians shall have free and unfettered access to the Alderaan Asteroid Belt from the day of this signing to the end of its existence.  This is an equal guarantee for all members of the government and populace
  • New Alderaan will remain under the leadership of Queen Jacinda (House Organa) and under the jurisdiction of the Galactic Federation of Free Republic, (hereinafter known as the GFFR).
  • The Alderaan Belt, where House Solo resides, will remain under the leadership of the newly-appointed Regent Administrator, Enara Solo (House Solo) and under the jurisdictions of the Alderaan Sector and the New Galactic Republic.
  • All persons currently employed performing governmental functions shall continue to do so at the place at which they render such services or perform such functions unless or until redeployed or alternative instructions are received in accordance with the arrangements made by the Parties. The transition and separation should be a smooth one where all parties are able to redeploy and suitable replacements found to fill any voids left.
  • Both parties agree to communicate with the other party when any redeployments are to be made so that suitable arrangements can be made for said redeployment. Further, the organization of the governmental structure and the chosen employees is left up to the party concerned without interference from the other party.

How often do words and deeds break the trust between to parties that lead to a lifetime of indifference towards one another?  Once peace is achieved, will it be maintained?   Only time will tell. GNW will keep you informed on events that grow from the two houses that made peace.



New Alderaan Peace Summit

alderaaan peace conferanceA division by two Houses on New Alderaan birth a movement that I never would have thought I would see in my lifetime.. A Peace summit was formed which brought Jedi all across the galaxy. They were the Guardians of Light Jedi Order, Kalway, and the Green Jedi of Corellia just to name a few. They came together to bring two Houses of New Alderaan together who were associated with two different branches of government. The Galactic Federation of Free Republic and the Republic.

Queen Enara Solo and Queen Jacinda Taborri were the two Representative presents representing both Houses. The summit was held on Corellia and was kicked off with Norah deliberating the question to both Houses. Also, other knights were there to voice their view to both House in order to bring these two Houses together.

The main quarrel between both Houses was who was the rightful monarch to set on the throne.
Enara Solo would place her fingertips on a pad near her as she moved it directly in front of her and began to read from it, “I am authorized by King Daran, the rightful heir to New Alderaan’s throne, to state that House Solo will unequivocally relinquish all sovereign claims as they pertain to New Alderaan on the sole condition that House Organa relinquishes all sovereign claims as they pertain to the Alderaan Belt in the Alderaan System.”
Jacinda Taborri said, “first I want to reply to Queen Solo first statement about corruption. The Government of Alderaan has no corruption. second, her claim of an heir is not founded. It is not uncommon for the houses of Alderaan to have a disagreement. if you search history it has happened in the past and it took the Republic to settle such disagreement of who should rule Alderaan. Now the republic had appointed house Organa to rule Alderaan. Now if you check history Leia was the last Organa to be the heir of Alderaan. She helped the refugee of Alderaan to find a new planet. The Planet that my people are currently on. She didn’t take the title of queen on this New Alderaan. she told the people to elect a new princess to lead us and offer Evaan Verlaine to be the new princess. New Alderaan has been having an election for Queen since it founding. The Traditional heir that she speak was lost when Alderaan was destroyed by the Death Star. I don’t want war between both Houses.  Alderaan is a big planet and my House is willing to share the Planet. Solo can take one side of the Planet and We can take the other. The Alderaan Belt should be for All Alderaanian.”

Then Summit didn’t get any better from there. Words spoken by both Houses started to heat up.

Enara Solo would make every effort to maintain her composure, “Jacinda is fully aware that her claim is rubbish and that her government is infested with sith. King Daran was duly elected as New Alderaan’s sovereign, However, King Daran, as all true Alderaanians, is a man of peace and does not wish to be the harbinger of violence. However, he also can not stand quietly by while Jacinda illegally attempts to retain the throne.’

Jacinda Taborri said, “She makes a claim of my house is full of Sith without no evidence to prove such. You can check the archive to see to check my statement about Leia not wanting to be queen and asked that we vote for another. Now the Alderaan belt is the lifeblood of my people and now you wish for me to give away our resources when it is better for both side that we share it and share the Planet. You have no rightful claim to New Alderaan or the throne but under the table of peace, I am willing to offer this. it is a win-win for both side.”

Enara Solo would sarcastically reply, “How kind of a pretender to the throne to offer us a territory reduced to near rubble and infested with Killiks. The people who have been displaced from New Alderaan have nothing to go back to. Their homes are gone and they fear the Killik. The belt is under the jurisdiction of the Aldera Space Station, constructed under the guidance of General and Princess Leia Organa-Solo.” After a heavy emphasis on “Solo”, she would briefly pause before continuing, “Leia Solo.” And, another pause, “General Solo appointed Eglyn Valmor as Regent Administrator of both the station and the flotilla which guarded the belt. This was all done long before New Alderaan even existed as an idea much less a planet. Today, Lady Kanto of House Baliss serves as Regent Administrator of the station and she has officially recognized King Daran as her rightful monarch.”

Jacinda Taborri said, “I resent those statements about me being a false queen and me throwing your people out. You left on your own. There was no soldiers with guns kicking your people off the planet. There is no evidence of your people ever having an election but you can check the news resource of my people having an election and honor my rule of the state. All Alderaan know that Lady Rebellia was queen of Alderaan for very long time and I was her military aid and when she stepped down she asked the people to vote me to be the queen in her place” She then Looks at TaaJ “first I want apology from house solo for calling my house full of sith and cliaming that I have a false attachment to the throne. second Right to travel with safety through Alderaan System. Ships will be allowed to be a check coming into the Alderaan system no matter who they bring shipment too. it can be co inspection of ships.”

Each Houses offering claims to ownership of the throne and Voice of reasoning was ofter to both sides.

Taaj Ousan: ” If I would suggest.. we focus on what it is important. Claims to a throne is somewhat irrelevant. You each are elected rulers.. One has already left the Planet, and Only seek the rightful right to call a station their home, and to be under a government, they wish to follow. You both have much in common, but also both originate from the same source… House Solo and House Organa both can trace their claims to Princess Leia Organa-Solo, that point has already been established. Unless if I am mistaken you both are proud and fear leaders, you both wish for the best solution. What House Solo is considering is not a bad idea, as they would be moving back to the system of Alderaan.. You, Queen Jacinda, will remain as Queen of New Alderaan… So let’s focus on what it is at hand.. and try to come up with terms.. for example.. what you want in exchange of relinquishing any rights to the Alderaan System, Queen Jacinda? Lady Solo, What would you be willing to offer in exchange?

Jayden Lukas: would stand up and now speak to both leaders, “Right now there is a greater crisis facing New Alderaan. That is the Killik threat. I would ask that you both take a moment to remain calm before continuing. The history that is shared is fraught with violence and negativity. I think it best that those issues be worked on slowly and at a later time. Right now I implore the both of you to put any pride and demands aside and look to the needs of the people. The people need both of you to calmly come together and solve this crisis. Do not let anger and pride defeat any peace we may reach today. Work together to solve the crisis facing you both now in the form of the Killiks. Let us at least begin from this common ground today.” He would look to them both speaking calmly and hoping that his words meet their minds.

The meeting ended with Jedi deciding to investigate Enara Solo’s claim of Jacinda’s government attacking her people and that Jacinda’s government is fill with sith. Also, both Houses agreed to meet again. peace between both Houses is still an issue. lets hope with the help of the Jedi they can come together. GNW will keep you updated on the outcome of both Houses when we learn more.