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The Shade Regime’s New Alliance

Darth Toruk and Slurm Ortho The HuttIt has been a long time since GNW herd from the Shade Regime. The last time they were at war with GRAE. So on request GNW meet up with Lord Krah, Darth Toruk’s apprentice. He escorted me to a palace on LME. Of all places, it was a Hutt Palace. While I was there, I had an interview with Darth Toruk and his Hutt alley Ortho the Hutt.

Darth Toruk told me that his new alliance with Ortho the Hutt had gained him great wealth and power. I was also told this also by his apprentice.

Lord Krah chuckles softly “This Hutt Family you will meet soon enough as he and the Dark Lord have been meeting as we speak ” he nods again ” Thanks to this Hutt we’ve gained a bit of wealth also”

Darth Toruk (Snake Childs) nods “This here is one of the few members of the Hutt Family Ortho, Slurm Ortho the Hutt…Thanks to him I’ve grown powerful here and have great control” he nods to his Hutt friend “he’s young but has great wealth and power also ”
Darth Toruk said, “My numbers have expanded, thanks to my Hutt partner here also my ships are not only imperial like ships but unmarked ones for stealth purposes” he shrugs “The list goes on ..the only obstacle I have is the Mandalorian Clan Prudii across from us who we’ve had constant battles with ” he brushes this off lightly”

Ortho the Hutt told us that he had made Darth Toruk a member of his cartel enterprise. Also allowing Patrols of troopers here and also aiding him product trades.

Darth Toruk Save Ortho the Hutt’s life but that is not the reason why he is working with Darth Toruk. believe me, I asked. Ortho the Hutt told that his family was massacred by the very Elder Who’s returned in GRAE. He thanks Darth Toruk for saving him and his recovery from the brink of death. They have become friends and he said that there there was not a single fellow Hutt reached out to him. He helps out of hospitality and friendship.

With this newfound Hospitality and Friendship, between Darth Toruk and Ortho, the Hutt, Darth Toruk plans to wipe out the returned Prudii clan…In the midst of soon plaining on visiting Ziost to see an old friend order. He has a 5 million credit bounty on Elder of Yodan of GRAE. It seems like he going stir up something with the love interest of the Grand Master of GRAE. Ortho the Hutt plans to make himself known to the Hutt council and many other Hutts.

GNW will keep our viewers update on The Shade Regime and their Hutt ally as it comes.

Sith Insurgency on Mandalore Prime

Snapshot _ [SWRP] Forge Station, Cartius (149, 75, 22) - ModeraGNW is live reporting from Mandalore Prime.  I am your reporter Kinsa.   Members of  Kalway Order of Jedi receive a holo message from Council Master Zen stating,  ” Because of a power vacuum the Mandalorian government has collapsed, along with control of its defenses. Imperial Mandalorians allowed the Sith Empire to invade and now the Empire controls 98 percent of Mandalore’s surface as well as all of the moon Concordia.”  There is more data on the Holo message but  GNW does not want to give any intel to the enemy.  As far as GNW knows the Jedi were called in to assist the Mandalorian in their fight against the Sith.

The history between the  Jedi and the Mandalorian goes way back to the Mandalorian Wars.  A term that lasted Sixteen years of conflict between the Mandalorian warrior culture and the Galactic Republic that began in 3976 BBY  with the Battle of Althir.  Driving Back the Mandalorians was the Jedi Reven and his Jedi and Republic Forces.    The final showdown with the Mandalorians and their leader  Mandalore took place at the Battle of  Malachor V.  Battle where Reven took a blow striking down the Mandalorians and his own forces as well.

As they say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  We all know there is a long rich history of a division of Jedi and the Sith. Jedi and the Mandalorian allying together would be a great Strategy of defense against the combating sith forces.

This is update news from what we have reported in our live report.  GNW has learned there is a cease-fire between the Mandalorian and the Sith.  GNW will keep you updated as information comes.