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GRAE held a private wedding for their Grandmaster

Endor WeddingThis was the wedding of the century. it was held secretly at the GARE’s chambers and GNW has the exclusive. Anyone who was anyone was there. Jedi orders like KOJ and others were welcome to this festival event.

The couple, Grandmaster Abrbitras Rexus and Mary Jane Welson were the ones tying the knot. What a beautiful dress Lady Welson was wearing as she gracefully walked down the archway. The couple held hands and when they met that spoke declaration of sweet words of love.

“You look beautiful my love.”- Arbitras Rexsus II
“Thank you darling and you look handsome in your wedding armor. ” -Mary Jane Welson

It was Elder Vyres Yodan III who married the couple. he starts The vows by saying “Arbitras I watch you grow from a young apprentice and my grandson through most of my life. ” he smirks “You’ve rightfully led this order wisely and became the Grand Command I once was and probably better. ”
“You Arbitras have gone through much in life ..good and bad ..This I want you to remember as one of the bests.” he then turns his gaze to MJ “Lady Welson I’ve had the privilege of knowing your family when you were young,” he said smirking revealing a big secret. “They did valiant things for the Rebel alliance our golden years.”What your family did MJ for us when we were first starting out was an alway remembered sacrifice. ” he sighed and shakes his head. “BUT they, I sense would be proud of the wonderful woman you became today and what you’ve done for GRAE is honorable. ”
The couple had made their own vows.

“Arbitras ..not only you’ve saved me when I first crashed here you became my love, my mate let me in your family even when I wasn’t married to you. ” she blushes “You’ve taught me much in the force and much as a GRAE master. ” she giggles ” I am honored to change my last name Rexsus. ” she nods “And help lead Endor with you as its Royalty also.” she smiles glowing warmly in the force. ” I will love you forever eternally. “- Mary Jane Welson

“My love Lady Welson, You falling into our Forest moon was the gift from the heavens and the Force,” he said nuzzling her hand. “I cherish every time with you and you’ve helped my sanity and balance in the force since I’ve been training you. “he smirks “You make this old one happy he’s finally found someone good for him,” he said with warmth in his words as he paused. ” Mary…you came into my life when I was ready to lose all hope and you brought me that hope,” he said proudly with a firm nod. ” I welcome you to our family and always have,” he said finishing.

Elder Vyres Yodan III asked for the ring and each one place a ring on one another fingers and said I do. They both embrace and kiss and became King and queen Rexsus. I wonder where they are going on their honeymoon. GNW will keep you updated as we learn more.

Javik Rolls Out His New Magazine

jakkuWelcome to Jakku! The home of one of the galaxies most notorious gangster  Javik.  ” A desert world worthless on its own but soon to live forever in history as the place where the empire defeated the Rebellion once and for all quoted Grand Moff Randd.”  But Jakku was the site of important events that would shape galactic history. In 5 ABY, Jakku was the site of the pivotal Battle of Jakku, which ended the Galactic Civil War in favor of the New Republic.

javik_001 copy




Javik establish his criminal base at Niima Outpost.  Niima was an enterprising female Hutt scoundrel who operated in a temple on the desert planet of Jakku prior to the battle of Jakku.  GNW travel to the planet and arrived at Niima Outpost to meet up with Javik.


javik2_001 copyIn Huttease and translated by Javik’s Droid.  Javik told GNW that he was rolling out a new Magazine that would glorify the galaxy’s most precious jewel.  He laughed and said, “I am not speaking of my homeworld Nal Hutta.”  He told us that Woman is our most precious jewel and that his magazine will put a spotlight on this.  The Magazine he is rolling out his called Smugglers.

fake kinsaJavik told us that Smugglers is a magazine that shows the elegance of women’s anatomy.  He told us that he is looking for women to hight light in his new magazine and said,” that you can contact him if you are interested.  He is said, “Model choice in this magazine will be dressed or nude or just breast exposure or nude with their private areas covered.”   GNW will keep you updated on Javik’s magazine Smugglers as more information comes.


If you wish to contact Javik, GNW has posted his contacts.  Javik’s contacts.