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Prosperous Tides

The last we visited with the Shade Regime, GNW reported on their new palace. Today GNW is reporting the prosperous tide build by Darth Toruk and Slurm Ortho the Hutt.

Our story begins with an interview with two business partners Darth Toruk and Slurm Ortho the Hutt on the stations above the planet Tatooine. We learned that the Shade Regime has changed the title of their group and banner. They are going by the name The Eternal Syndicate. Even with the new name bad tides with GRAE still exist. GNW was told by Darth Toruk that he just return from a fight with GRAE where he was injured but managed to get a great victory over GRAE. We were also told that Eternal Syndicate had built a powerful criminal empire.

Slurm the Hutt in Huttese: “Since his return, he’s accompanied me to last Saturday’s Hutt night where we’ve made great business and still making an excessive profit due to our trades.”

Darth Toruk: “The Eternal Syndicate is growing wealthy and of immense power from the Shade Regime’s structure “

So GNW moved on from our interview with Darth Toruk and Slurm Ortho the Hutt, and we spoke to well known Hutt, who is well known through all the circle of Hutt. He is Shaka the Hutt. GNW wants to know what others knew about the group formerly know as the Shade Regime.

Shaka the Hutt told us that Lorda Slurm of Clan Ortho prefers to be known as ‘Great Slurm’ or ‘The Wealth Slurm’ due to his extreme wealth. He goes on to say that he has been active for several months now. He has a base on Tatooine and claims a large swathe of planets. His Majordomo is a Sith Lord of the Shade Regime, Darth Toruk, and his bodyguards frequently are Sith. Shaka the Hutt said that he was told that Slurm the Hutt has deals in the drug trade and particularly interested in working on a trade deal involving ryll with the Republic Senator of Ryloth. Also has purchased a large number of combat stims for his army along with female slaves, and artwork reputed to be of Sith heritage.

This also backs up what The Eternal Syndicate said about the deal they have made with old Imperial Syndicate like the Crimson Dawn. And they said they done deals with The Pike Cartel and Blood Sands tribe on Tatooine and also made business with a lot of fellow Hutts.

Slurm the Hutt in Huttese: “Expanding our Spice business is one of them. We’ve been making a booming profit off multiple strains of Spice including Ryll and our signature spice called Crimson dust.” GNW could not get confirmation from these groups about deals they made with the Eternal Syndicate and would like to hear from these groups.

The future endeavor of the Eternal Syndicate besides expanding its spice business is a full-on attack on GRAE members as well as setting up more locations for their base operation. Darth Toruk also left a warning to anyone who plans to align themselves with GRAE. That they will feel a painful strike and that he warns not to interfere with their war against them and it was them that prevented GRAE from celebrating Endor day this year.