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Uproar on Ryloth?

After the Senate meeting with Galactic Republic (GR), GNW spoke with a representative of New Galactic Republic (NGR) for Ryloth who was their. Senator
Una’Nima’Sama’Alask who replaced her
previous predecessor for Ryloth Senator Aowotnohus.

“Senator? How has your installment as Ryloths new Senator gone? can you give us any information on your predecessors status, where is the previous senator GNW Reporter asked?” Senator replied, “That is a state matter and not public business, was there other questions you have for me?”

“Yes Senator, What do you have say about rumor that Ryloth is a troublesome planet, and that there are uprisings of Your own people, causing domestic terrorism. Do you have anything to say about this?”

Una’Nima’Sama’Alask said “Ryloth is not a troublesome planet, YES we’ve had our problems in recent history, troublesome is a rather serious accusation.”

The Senator continue, “Recent events have not been because of the Twi’Lek people themselves, they are very much Victims of circumstances beyond our control. Ryloth attempted to contain this egregious Ai that caused havoc to the planet. Ryloth is very grateful for the aid and service given in assistance of planetary recovery.”

When asked by the Senator, was their more questions GNW replied, “One more thing Senator, what about the uprisings and domestic terrorism?”

The Senator replied, “Yes there are very small cells of Twi’Lek purists that are causing small disturbances, rumors of domestic terrorism are highly exaggerated, personal holos being used to promote their movement are nothing more than fabrications, that look like some thing they are not. Our Security forces are looking into the cells that keep turning up. I would recommend however for non Twi’Lek planning on visiting Ryloth, now is NOT the time”

GNW will keep you updated on status of Ryloth and their new Senator.