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Republic Changes Leadership… Again

As the Taris Civil Authority continues to make impressions among the city of Taris, it seems that some change in leadership has occurred in the Senate. Vice Chancellor, and Chief of TCA, Kamrodius Vance has stepped up from his role as Vice Chancellor to become the new Chancellor. When we asked how he came in to this position, he stated that the previous Chancellor simply stepped down from the role for personal reasons. And thusly, he has been elevated to the role of Chancellor henceforth.

Chancellor Vance, who prefers to be called Kam Vance for short, was born on Coruscant and is fourty four years old. His educational history includes business courses on Coruscant and experience at the well known Helios Industries and Metellos eventually becoming the COO before pushing to make a second headquarters on Taris, where he now lives. When asked if he had any significant others to speak of, Chancellor Vance replied that the Republic is his significant other, and acknowledged “At least that’s how it has to be in order to see it thrive as the beacon of hope for those across the galaxy.”

When asked what he saw as the immediate concerns of the populous on Taris, Chancellor Vance advised, “My focus on Taris is to bring peace and order to the Lower city. Currently it is chaotic with different factions holding small pieces of power. This is causing our citizens to be subjugated to varying crimes. Through mobilizing the TCA and understanding what the criminal elements exist within the Lower city we should be able to arrest those needed and garner peace. This is just the first of the many things I plan on doing for Taris, another of note is providing jobs through a shipyard to be constructed in orbit through contracts with Helios Industries.” … “As for the Republic. Peace throughout the galaxy has always been our top priority. There are many Imperial elements working against us whether in public or in the shadows. We shall however do what we must to combat them and bring more of these fringe systems into the Republic fold.”

We also asked about the former alliance with the First Order, and if there were any plans to reaffirm that relationship, to which the Chancellor had no comment and stated that he had not been briefed on any activities of the First Order. At that point we moved to ask about other alliances that he may wish to strengthen with his new position. The Chancellor stated, “My focus has been on building our relations and armies with our standing allies. For example Ryloth has offered their warriors to bolster the ranks of TCA to assist in gaining control of our Capitol planet. ”

If first impressions are any indicator, Chancellor Vance seems to have a strong head on his shoulders, and ideas about how to make an impact using both of his positions as leverage to affect change. We look forward to seeing how this new change in leadership will impact Taris as a whole, and hopefully better the community.