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Surprise Attack on Sullust

A chaotic scene is recorded over Sullust, We warn the viewers what you’re about to see is graphic

An Air raid horns sound off over Sullust.   Sullustan  Troopers and Regular Storm troopers from the Eternal Syndicate rush to defend the main gate as Mandalorians from Prudii attack.  Mighty Slurm Ortho’s Forces also counter attack from Crimson Dawn as the battle rages and buildings are bombed by Prudii air forces.   The Mighty Hutt Slurm Ortho was escorted out safely during Surprise Attack but sadly his hover balcony is seen crashed on the battle grounds.


Slaves and cargo and precious valuables were seen evacuated into a Lambda ship as fires roar over destroyed buildings debris  and  Pleasure temple which hosted the Slaves before they were  relocated to safer location.  Other Lambda Ship took off from the scene carrying  Eternal Syndicate Diplomats ,Officers and troops.

As the air raid continue,  another air raid horn sounds off as the Syndicate’s alchemy lava gates are set open and wall of Lava flow from out the gates take out  Mandalorians  who were not prepared for this kind of retaliation.  Some troopers Remain behind to continue to fight so that their fallen brother would not die and vain.

As the flooding continues, a Crimson Tie interceptor which appears to be The Supreme Leader, Darth Toruk’s is noticed flying over the flooding battlefield escorted by three other TIE fighters and and fending off other foes as they make their escape. A golden Prudii Mandalorian Fang Fighter is also seen fleeing the scene.  Most likely on board were a top family member or officer of the Clan.

After the after math, there was nothing but  silenced and a roaring lava and magma rivers covering the area.