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13th legion

Future Endevors for the 13th Legion

Once an independent corporate and manufacturing world, Balmorra was defended by the Republic and conquered by the Empire during the war.  In the past, the corporations have mostly fled, local collaborators have been rewarded with positions in the Imperial puppet government, and an entrenched and well-armed resistance opposes the Empire’s rule. Despite brutal retaliation by the Imperial military against military and civilian targets, the battle to eliminate the resistance drags on. Droid factories and industrial waste sites have become battlegrounds. The main Balmorran spaceport is in the city of Sobrik, an Imperial military stronghold heavily fortified against resistance attacks.”  Now  there is a New birth for Balmorra.  The planet has been restored by  The 13th Legion.   Here is where  our story  start.  Your truly arrive on Balmorra where I  met with Aywin  the leader of the project of  the restoring Balmorra. Continue reading