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Sojourning Mirialan Log: What’s new Coruscant

As a sojourning Mirialan, it is my personal mission to explore the galaxy, learning of new occurrences that transpires on the various planets that exist since the ending of the Republic. On my journey, I grew homesick and was near the point of returning home until I caught wind of a recent war that occurred on New Alderaan, one, wherein Coruscant factions and military officials participated in.

The sim is, right now, in the middle of a RP that has the Jedi Order faction on the run. They are currently in hiding and no one knows exactly where they are…are plausibly someone does.

I have not tried to track the faction down because it would expose them and their location. Local news sources say stated that the Jedi Order has fleed into the Undercity to escape the Imperial sweeps that is cleaning the city. The sweeps are occurring right after the Jedi forces have participated in the Attack on New Alderaan.

New Alderaan is now vacant and off the map for sojourners, like myself. The sim is due for a facelife before it is re-opened for RPers to return to regular programming. Lower Coruscant, however, is still open to SWRPers that are looking for a bit of fun in the meantime. Just recently the Mandalorian forces of Coruscant were enthralled in battle with Imperial forces over a devise–the Phobis Devise (NPRP).

There are so many events that are on the horizon for this sim, b and planned, that the opportunity for RP participation seems to be endless.


The Republic UP IN SMOKE

This is Chisato Kanagawa reporting to you live from Coruscant. Smoke, fire, and destruction litter the streets of upper level Coruscant after an explosion to its Senate building rocked the area for several blocks. Republic Security Forces and SIS scrambled onto the screen first to secure the area and then to investigate what caused this.Republic Security Forces that secured the bridge were able to give only the briefest of information regarding the explosion. They didn’t rule out that it was an accident or perhaps foul play was involved. No concrete claims could be made until evidence for either theory had been located. Due to the crime scene extending around a large portion of the city all available response units were occupied and obtaining more information was impossible. Galaxy News Watch will monitor this story as new developments are found.  Laying on the streets were many bodies far too badly burned to be recognized. Continue reading

The Meditation Room Rebounds

I was able to catch up with Hanbusa Qintaun and Deyanira Eila Aney, the owners of the famous (infamous?) restaurant on Bakura ‘The Meditation Room’ at their new home on Coruscant. The popular establishment had been completely destroyed following riots which erupted during the fall of its monarchy. In the following months they looked to reestablish their business elsewhere. Instead of picking a location on Coruscant, the two opted a more mobile approach. Continue reading